CN Scouting Report: Devin McDowell

In the final regular season game of the season, the Garland Owls defeated the Lakeview Centennial Patriots 27-24. It was also the first opportunity to see a player with personal connections to Iowa State University and its football program.

His name is Devin McDowell, a junior from Garland who has the speed and the skills to play on both sides of the ball. He is actually the younger brother of DeAndre Jackson, the starting cornerback for the Cyclones.

McDowell is the starting safety for the Owls, who have earned a spot in the Texas 5A playoffs beginning this weekend with a record of 8-2. Their only losses this season have been by five points to DeSoto and three points to South Garland, two highly-regarded team also entering the playoffs. He also plays as a running back in their offensive scheme, a spread Wing-T formation.

Devin was instrumental in stopping a scoring drive early in the game. He was able to read the play action in the backfield and move back in the secondary. He showed some impressive speed as he ran back into the end zone as the receiver was running a post pattern.

Running side by side with the Patriot receiver, McDowell turned around and found the ball. He went up for the ball about the same time as the receiver began to fall in the end zone. Devin grabbed the interception about eight yards deep in the end zone. After thinking about bringing the ball out for a few seconds, he took a knee for a touchback.

McDowell played sparingly on the offensive side of the ball throughout the game. In the spread Wing-T formation, he played the wing back. Depending on the direction of the play, he would either act as a lead blocker for the other back or as the rusher. Devin only rushed the ball four times on the night, but he picked up 63 yards, including a 46-yarder to set up a touchdown in the second half.

He followed his lead blocker on a sweep to the left. After a good block, he cut into the hole inside the containment and found himself in the open field. With the jets glowing, the only person who had a chance to catch him was the safety who had a good angle on him. The safety tackled him inside the 10, and the Owls scored a touchdown a few plays later.

McDowell played a solid game on both sides of the ball. The 5' 10", 170-pounder led the way with some solid blocks as well as making some impressive runs. On the defensive side, he was able to use his speed for coverage from the safety position and from a cover position on the slot receivers. When asked just how fast he was, he replied that on a track, he was able to run a 4.21 40, and he ran a 4.29-4.30 40 on turf. He may be smaller than DeAndre, but he also has a little more speed.

When asked about recruiting, he stated that he has received some letters. They have come from Oklahoma, Missouri and Iowa State. After meeting Devin and his family in Waco, you could tell how close Devin is to his brother as they walked together after the Baylor game.

Speaking with the mother of DeAndre and Devin, Mary McDowell, after the big game with Nebraska, she talked about DeAndre's choice to attend Iowa State. "I believe that DeAndre made a good decision," she said. "Last season, the team had a slump, but we believed in his decision. We have backed him in any decision that he has made." Strong words from a mother who allowed her child to go to a school that is a 12-hour drive away.

On the Cyclone team this year, she stated that he has some "great teammates." She noted Ellis Hobbs, Tyson Smith and Todd Blythe have helped DeAndre as his collegiate career. If the mother of a Cyclone thinks that it was a good decision for him to go to school in Ames, this may be very beneficial for another member of the family and the Cyclones in the near future.

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