Tuesday's Iowa State sports links

"They're hard. I don't know if 'enjoy' is the right word."
Cyclones, Bulldogs brace for showdown
Des Moines Register

"We knew that 60 percent of their shots were three-point shots. We knew that we needed to get up into them."
Cyclones roll again in non-conference
Des Moines Register

"We're assuming they'll play like they did last year, uptempo and attack you. There's no need to change. You win 20 last year with that group and quite a few guys back, I'm sure they'll try to duplicate that formula for success."
Drake pressure gets ISU's attention
Omaha World Herald

"Will Blalock made a mistake. A mistake that he's going be penalized for. We are all together supporting him. We will go on from there."
Blalock-less ISU takes on Drake
Iowa State Daily

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