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"It was amazing, just the whole way it was set up. Luke (Vander Sanden) had a great block on his guy. Then (Kory) Pence pancakes his guy. Then I get off and knock that linebacker into the safety."
ISU linemen getting their due
Des Moines Register

"Rahshon is a great athlete. He maintained his composure, he handled layups, he made shots. You could also see with Tasheed he is absolutely fearless. He doesn't care how big or how strong or what's in there, he's going."
Newcomers could steal headlines
Des Moines Register

"Any time you get a big play, you're going to take it. But it's kind of like chopping at the woodshed. We'll take what we can get, go back to the huddle and get the play and go after it again."
'Small ball' keys offensive turnaround
Ames Tribune

"It meant a lot to me, especially in a situation like that. It feels great to come back in a victory like that and be a part of it. It's definitely been a while since I've scored. It's been a long time coming, but I had to wait my turn behind some great receivers. I've been waiting to make plays. It's been fun."
Miller a versatile threat for Cyclones
Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier

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