Cyclones Prepare for Hawkeyes

<B>AMES, IA --</B> The Iowa State men travel to Iowa City to square off against the Hawkeyes Friday night. It will be the second meeting between head coaches Wayne Morgan and Steve Alford, and the first time Iowa guard Adam Haluska meets his former team. Morgan and his players weighed in on the in-state matchup before Wednesday's practice.


On the Iowa game:

"It will be a big game, they're a good team, and we'll be there ready to play. I think that any win we can get on the road will be a great win for us. We haven't won a lot of games on the road, and I'm trying to change that this year. I think it will be a highly competitive game, and hopefully we can be fortunate enough to win.

"I think Brunner is very good. He's hard to guard and will cause us some problems. We'll have to concentrate on that. I think Hansen is greatly improved. I think he's leading the Big 10 in blocked shots. We may not have faced a shot blocker of his magnitude yet."

On importance of role players coming up big:

"We can't win without (Carr, Clark, and Faulkner). They're very young, and we still need to get more mature and understand the system. It is really important for those guys to keep contributing. We can't be successful without them."

On Jared Homan's intentional fouls called:

"I don't think that he committed any intentional fouls. I think he went for the ball and they were hard fouls. If you watch the film like we did, you will see both times he was going for the ball. He was trying to block the shot and missed the ball. He plays hard. If you turn around and look at some of the fouls committed on him, they are just as hard or harder."


On Iowa's guards:

"The guards can really shoot. Pierre Pierce is a really good driver. We've really got to contain those guys if we want to win the game."

On how to win on the road:

"I think we've got to bring the same intensity that we bring over here in Ames back with us on the road. Sometimes we don't really have that energy when we come off the bench to play. It's a hump that we've got to get over somehow, and hopefully we can do it on Friday. I know it's a big in-state rival game and I know how big it is. I understand that. We've just got to bring it on Friday."

"You feed off the crowd's energy when you're at home, but it shouldn't really make that much of a difference when you're on the road. Not to say that college is any different prep school, but I played like 35 of my 40 games on the road. I didn't seem to think it was a big deal, but here it is."


On how to win on the road:

"It's not that difficult to get up for games on the road. But good teams don't lose at home. If you're a real good team, you don't lose at home. You've got to bring 120 percent, because they're going to bring 110 percent. It seems like teams at home make every shot, so you've got to be able to score, defend, and give it all you've got."

On team's defensive play of late:

"We played defense well against UNI, but they shot the ball extremely well. We were out there contesting shots and doing a lot of things, but they shot it well. Sometimes it's going to be like that, and you're going to have players that make shots in your face. They were on fire. We have been playing well defensively all year, so we want to keep to our same game plan and keep working on it."

On Iowa's triple threat backcourt:

"They all bring a different style to the team. Horner can shoot it very well, he's a great player, and I respect him a lot. Pierce is a great slasher. Haluska can shoot it well. They all defend very well and have the big guys inside."


On playing Hawks in Iowa City:

"It's going to be interesting, I can tell you that already. It should be fun, hopefully. It's going to be a great matchup. They've got a talented team and I think we do as well. It will be in Iowa City in front of hostile crowd for these new guys. It will be a good learning experience and good game for us."

On Adam Haluska leaving Iowa State:

"He had to do what he had to do. If he thought going to Iowa was the best situation for him and everybody else involved, more power to him. That's something only he can decide, and I'm not one to say he can or can't do that. He can do what he wants."

On what road win would mean to this team:

"I think it would really boost our confidence. The fact that we came off a big win here at home, if we do the same on the road it would be huge. To be able to play our game against Virginia and take that on the road and win – I think that could be a real start for our future this season."

On any fears of playing in front of Hawkeye crowd:

"I'm not worried (about the crowd reaction). I think Adam has to be more worried next year when he comes in here. It will be a hostile environment just because we're Iowa State. I'm an Iowa kid, so I'm sure they'll have a few more things for me. But that's on the road, and you get used to it in the Big 12."

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