Finally a Two-Team Race?

Junior college offensive lineman Scott Fisher was scheduled to make an official visit to Kansas State this weekend, but after the Wildcats received the commitment of Mike Friesen, they canceled the visit.

"Kansas State told me they no longer had room to bring me in," said Fisher. "Now, I'm going to make my decision between Iowa State and Wisconsin. I'm just waiting for my brother to return from his official visit to Iowa State this weekend, and we hope to sign our letters of intent by Christmas."

Certainly, a scenario could play out where the brothers each have their own choice, but Scott is confident the twin brothers will be playing together.

"I know we don't want to be competing for the same job, but at the same time, each school is recruiting us for different positions. Iowa State wants me to play left tackle, and my brother to play right tackle. Then, they can move their current right tackle inside to guard where they feel it's his best position. Wisconsin wants my brother at right tackle, and wants to play me at right guard," said Fisher.

"I've played left tackle my entire life so there would be more comfort at Iowa State. At the same time, I like the idea of playing some guard to increase my draft value with my ability to play both positions, and Coach (Jim) Hueber has put a lot of offensive lineman from Wisconsin in the NFL."

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