Bowl Preview Q&A: QB Bret Meyer

The Iowa State offense, led by redshirt freshman quarterback Bret Meyer, was slow coming together early in the season, but the unit improved gradually throughout the fall. With 15 extra practices and a bowl game in Shreveport, the unit figures to get even better. Meyer took some time away from the practice field to answer a few questions from

CN: How have your preparations gone so far for the Independence Bowl?

Bret Meyer: Everything is going pretty well. I finally got through with my tests, so I've been able to focus on football again. That's good.

CN: How has the added practice time benefited this offense?

Meyer: I think with this being a young offense, it's given us more time to play football and get used to playing together. It takes a lot for a young offense to mold together.

It's kind of like another spring practice, and obviously we're getting a lot more time to focus on what Miami does defensively.

CN: Will this offense be better when you take the field in Shreveport than what it was against Missouri?

Meyer: I think we will. It's safe to say we can be.

CN: What's been the most difficult thing to pick up in Miami's defense?

Meyer: They've got a lot of athletes. Their secondary, everybody is over 6-feet tall. They've got a linebacker that runs in the 4.4s. So you've got speed and a lot of good athletes. They're not going to make a lot of mistakes, so we can't make any either as an offense. We've got to be consistent.

CN: Do you expect a lot of pressure from the Redhawks on that side?

Meyer: People have been heating it up all year, because we've given up a lot of sacks. That probably won't be any different. But towards the end of the year we got a lot better, and we'll continue to get better.

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