Fishers Have Goal of Impacting Lineup

Iowa State has pulled off a big score from the JUCO ranks, getting verbal commitments from Dixie State (Utah) College offensive tackles Scott and Paul Fisher. The mammoth twins figure to play roles in giving the Cyclone offensive front a huge upgrade in 2005. Both picked the Cyclones over Wisconsin.

The 6-foot-8, 320-pound Scott Fisher said the decision was not that difficult afterall.

"I talked it over with my brother," he said. "We took some time and it basically came down to Iowa State being the best place for us. They made it easy for me to make my decision. They put a lot of work into recruiting me, and made sure the transition would go well. I feel more comfortable playing with these coaches and players on the team. I will be able to play the position I've always played, instead of learning a guard position."

Scott Fisher enters a favorable situation in Ames. The left tackle will be coming into a spot vacated by senior Cale Stubbe. The mid-year transfer will also be able to learn the system and blocking schemes in spring practice, giving him the inside track at starting the season opener in the fall.

"Iowa State had a better situation, because their left tackle is a senior and he'll be moving on," Scott Fisher said. "It just worked out better. I think it's important to be a part of spring ball. I know my brother's not going to be there, which will be a disadvantage for him. But it will be good for me to get out there with the guys, learn the offense, and work on it a lot longer. But I know my brother's smart enough to pick it up. It will work out just fine."

Paul Fisher will need another semester at Dixie State College to earn his A.A. degree and establish residency. Even though the two twins will be coming in at different stages of next year, playing together became an important factor in their recruitment.

The two anchored both sides of the Dixie State offensive line last season, and hope to do so in the future at ISU.

"For a while it wasn't an issue to stay together," Scott Fisher said. "Whatever happened, happened. It wasn't a big problem either way. But it just happened to work out well for us. We've always played together. It's easier for our families. He's just my brother, and it's a lot more fun to play with family. I know what he's going to do, and he knows what I'm going to do. It all just worked out great that we're going to be together."

It also worked out that the two Fishers will be joining another former JUCO teammate in tight end Walter Nickel. Scott Fisher looks forward to playing alongside Nickel, who has already given the Cyclones a verbal commitment and signed.

"I'm glad that Walter's coming out," Fisher said. "He's a great tight end, and I know he can make a huge impact on this team. It's good to have some guys like that. He's a good hustler, works hard, and gets the job done. It's great to play with some teammates that I've played with before."

Fisher and Nickel will be together for the start of spring practice. The four-week session will provide Fisher with the opportunity to get acclimated to Barney Cotton's system. For Fisher, the adjustment period should be a short one.

"When I took my trip there and watched a practice, it was all stuff that I had done before," he said. "Picking up the offense won't be that hard. I'm more of a 50-50 pass-to-run, but of course I like to pass protect a little bit more. I looked at their offense and it looks like we'll be pretty good for the next few years. I like the offense and how it's run."

The next step for him is making it to Ames in time for the start of second semester classes. That should be the easy part. The hard part will be for Scott and his wife to move out of their apartment, make the long trip to Ames, and get acclimated to the campus.

"My wife and I are going to try to make it there by January 1st or the last day of December," he said. "We have to move out of our apartment by December 30th, so we'll be on the road. We're going to get settled in, get to know the area, and I'm going to get my classes."

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