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"There's lots of motivation to go out with a win here. I've never ended my season with a win."
Varied emotions for Cyclones in Shreveport
Des Moines Register

"We're not worried, as long as we give them a good game on the tube."
Clark: Numbers down for this year's Indy bowl
Des Moines Register

"The game before we played them last year they didn't start Brandon Heath. He's one of the best players in the country."
ISU remembers last season's loss to Aztecs
Des Moines Register

"It's pretty big shoes to fill. At the beginning of the year, I was prepared to play five or 10 snaps a game. Hopefully, we were killing them, and I'd get in at the end," he said. "But things happen, and people have to step up."
Barkema anxious to get call Tuesday
Ames Tribune

"We talk about it sometimes. It's exciting to be in this position, playing in a bowl game in my first year. But it's also exciting to see the seniors get a chance to play in one last bowl game, too."
Underclassmen vow for return trips to postseason
Ames Tribune

"If I had run that fumble back for a touchdown, we wouldn't be worried about kicking a field goal to win. We would have been going to the Big 12 champs. That really makes me mad a lot."
Paris emerges as big-time contributor
Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier

"I didn't want to go out with that 2-10 season. Just because of the fact that we had a losing season, I wanted to come back and play another year. It was just a real bad taste in my mouth, and I wanted to prove a point."
Defensive end puts wrap on college career
Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier

"It would mean a lot to get to 1,000 because we want to get that tradition back. That's the legacy that the Davis brothers and Ennis Haywood left. And it would be great to have my name mentioned with great backs like that."
Hicks pointing towards 1,000-yard season
Omaha World Herald

"He's tremendous. He's got complete control of that offense and he can throw the short routes, the touch routes, he can gun it, he can throw it on the run. He has really got a great arm. Three-thousand yards! I'm not a math major, but what is that, 15 miles? It sure seems like it."
Miami (Ohio) brings another prolific QB to Shreveport
Omaha World Herald

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