Friday's Iowa State sports links

"It's not the best time to have a game," Morgan said. "If you have an opponent that is booked and the only day they can play is the 31st, then we'll do that. Otherwise we won't."
Morgan hopes 'tradition' will change
Des Moines Register

"When we've had good teams at Iowa State, the one thing we've always had is that our teams can score in bunches. It's like a fight where you look for a knockout punch. When you can impose your will on the other guy for three or four minutes that might end the game. That's what happened tonight."
Second half run carries ISU to title
Des Moines Register

"Maturity-wise, they are well beyond their years. They want to lead this football team and are not a bit shy about it. They love to compete."
Looking ahead to 2005
Ames Tribune

"We normally got to about one a year and thought this would be a great time to come and watch the football game and we love basketball. We thought we'd come and support the guys and watch the football game at the same time."
Fans made most of bad timing
Ames Tribune

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