Duluth East's Johnson Atop ISU Wish List For '06

Iowa State continues to mine the state of Minnesota for basketball talent, as Duluth East power forward Cory Johnson has emerged as its number one target for the Class of 2006. But the Cyclones already have plenty of competition for the 6-foot-7 junior.

Johnson has gained plenty of interest during his time with the Howard Pulley AAU team, but it's hard to ignore the numbers he's posting as a high school junior. He's averaging nearly 30 points and 12 rebounds a game for 8-2 East.

ISU head coach Wayne Morgan is making his pitch for Johnson, and an unofficial visit from Johnson to Ames could happen in the next couple months.

"I talk to the coaches frequently," said Cory Johnson. "They've told my coach that I'm their number one target. I don't know a great deal about the program. I'm trying to keep in as much contact with them as possible. The coaches are going to make a trip up here sometime.

"I think Iowa State is definitely in the mix. It will be fun to go down there and check the place out, because I have been to a lot of different schools. That would tell me a lot about the program. It's hard to judge a program you don't know much about, and I plan on making a trip down there sometime."

Johnson has already made one trip to Ames, traveling with his Howard Pulley teammates over the summer. The highlight of that trip was scrimmaging against the current ISU team.

"We played against the team and did very well against them," Johnson said. "We only lost by two points and they had basically everyone there on their team. I played pretty well in that game and it was a lot of fun. I plan on going down for a game sometime. That way I can check out the team and go around the campus."

Johnson says he currently has scholarship offers from ISU, Iowa, Minnesota, Marquette, and Colorado. Numerous other Division I programs have been in contact.

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