Morgan: Kansas Has Proven Itself

The Iowa State men's basketball team continues a treacherous opening to the Big 12 season Wednesday night in Hilton Coliseum, hosting second-ranked Kansas. The Cyclones are hoping to erase the memories of a late collapse at Missouri on Saturday. Head coach Wayne Morgan met with the media Monday afternoon to discuss the KU game.

On if playing Kansas is what team needs to get back on track:

"It's a challenge and they're a pretty good team. I don't know if it's what they need or don't need. If it was Nebraska, Colorado, or Oklahoma State, we need to play well and win. Kansas is a very good team and undefeated. I have a great deal of respect for them and Coach Self. They've got a program of high esteem. We're looking forward to it."

On KU beating Kentucky on the road:

"That was very impressive, to go to Kentucky and win like that. And they've beaten Georgia Tech, which is a very good team. They've proven their mettle, and whatever accolades they're receiving they've deserved. They've done a terrific job."

On newcomers to Jayhawk team:

"We've seen them on tape and they have a very good freshman class, but they have that every year at Kansas. They're impressive and are going to be good. As long as they have a coach the caliber of Coach Self, they will have good players and good teams."

On fans being factor in this game:

"Our fans will be here and give us great support. They'll try to push us really hard to get us to victory. But I'm not worried about our fans. Our players will bring their A games and will play as hard as they can possibly play. I said to them, ‘if you really try as hard as you can to win, and your effort was everything it could be, we'll live with the results.' When we don't get that type of effort – which was at Xavier – then we're not happy."

On 3-point shooting concerns:

"I don't know that it's bad. Our percentage is 30.8, which is about two percent off what the national average is. If you mean we're not shooting 30 of those a game, that's probably we're trying to take good shots and shots we can make. If a team shoots 33 percent from the three, it is the same as shooting 50 percent from the floor on two. We're 2.2 percent off of that."

On memories of last season's win over Kansas:

"I felt we played very hard and together. Our team has been resilient a lot over time. Even if you take the game the other day against Missouri, we were down 13 at one time and our kids fought back to get the lead. It was really a shame we weren't able to pull that through. But our guys have had the odds stacked against them many times and done very well."

On KU playing at Hilton Coliseum:

"I absolutely think this is one of the hardest places in the country to play. Our fans and their knowledge of basketball and their sophistication in this game really help us. Our fans really understand when we feed off them. They understand a good effort and good play.

"I saw it in my first year here. We lost to Kansas and Texas Tech at home, but the fans applauded the team walking off the court. That's exceptional and I haven't seen it anywhere else."

On status of Reggie George:

"Reggie is suspended indefinitely, and I would say that within the next week there will be some definitive action in his situation. I'm not going to go into any specifics."

On status of Anthony Davis:

"He is day to day, physically. In his mind he is playing on Wednesday, but we will see what our trainer says. That will make the determination."

On academic status of team:

"I'm never going to discuss any kid's academics, but if you ask me about the fast break I can talk about that."

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