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"Everybody that comes through our door is going to wrestle us like it's the finals of the national tournament."
Short-handed Cyclones battle on
Des Moines Register

"If you went player by player I think that team (2000-01) was more experienced and had played together a lot longer and had more experience at winning. This team is still growing into that and appreciating what it takes to win. But this team is also far from being done. Ask me that question again in two months."
Comparing two hot-starting Cyclone teams
Ames Tribune

"There's nothing worse than losing to someone and then knowing we have to go back to their building later in the year. If we can beat Nebraska, then no one in our league can sweep us. If that's the case, you have a chance to put together a pretty good record."
ISU seeks record win against Nebraska
Iowa State Daily

"We just have to look past [a 0-3 conference start] and just start winning games. If we look back at that, we'll put our heads down, then we'll lose more games -- and we can't have that."
Morgan's team anxious to get back on track
Iowa State Daily

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