Bergen Anxious to Take Cyclone Visit

A tight end/offensive lineman from the Tampa area has been on Iowa State's radar screen for months, and he will finally get the opportunity to take an official visit to Ames this weekend. That trip could be a determining factor in where he ends up signing next month.

Middleton High standout Will Bergen has already taken a pair of trips and may take a couple more, but for now he's focusing on heading North to ISU.

"I have already taken trips to Pittsburgh and South Carolina," said Bergen. "They were both really good visits, but I feel that South Carolina, Iowa State, and Illinois are probably my top three. My trip to Iowa State this weekend could be my last visit. I do have one set up for Illinois on the 21st and I would like to see that, but if I do commit then I might cancel it."

The Gamecocks and new head coach Steve Spurrier made up a lot of ground with Bergen after his trip to Columbia. But ISU does have a few things going for them.

"All of the other colleges I've been to had coaching changes this year, so Iowa State has a more stable coaching staff." Bergen said. "Also with Iowa State, they mentioned they had lost three senior tight ends, and they feel that I have a chance to compete for a starting job as a freshman. South Carolina sees me starting off as a tight end and probably moving over to a center, which I'm not really liking but it's doable."

Bergen, who says the Cyclones may be the best academic fit for him, plans on majoring in Engineering in college. He's looking forward to checking out the program in Ames.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the facilities they have to offer," he said. "I also would like to meet all the coaches, so I get a feel for the staff and players. I want to see how the dorms are and the Engineering program they have. Academics is a big thing for me."

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