Physical Corner Visiting Iowa State

With one commitment already in hand from a Colorado high school senior, Iowa State might not be done hitting that state. The Cyclones will be hosting a defensive back from the Denver area this weekend.

Montbello standout Steve Johnson, a bigger cornerback with good speed, will be heading to Ames this weekend and may even be on the verge of making a commitment.

"Iowa State is my favorite, because it's in the Big 12 and it seems like a nice school with a lot of positive things going on," said Johnson. "The football program is on the rise. Coach Alford is a real cool guy and I like him a lot.

"If I like what I see this weekend, that's probably where I'm going to go. I want to meet the players this weekend, and that will probably influence me the most because I'll be around them for four years."

Johnson had taken just one official visit up to this weekend, a stop at Colorado State last month, and said he could potentially head to Idaho in two weeks.

It's pretty clear the Cyclones are using the ‘immediate playing time' message when recruiting the 6-foot, 185-pound corner with 4.5 speed.

"They said I have an opportunity to play early if I come in there and know what I'm doing," he said. "They said I'll be playing corner, so that means I won't have to change my position.

"Coaches really like my size. I weigh 185 pounds, so I'm bigger than most corners are when they're freshmen in college. I can guard the bigger receivers that are out there in college. I also have good feet. I'm a student of the game and am just trying to get better. I've been playing football since I was six years ago."

Johnson recorded four interceptions this season for Montbello, and earned second-team all-state honors in Class 5A.

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