Harris Addresses a Key Question

Clearwater (Fla.) running back Jason Harris returned from his latest official visit on Sunday, and now faces the chore of making a commitment in the next week. But that decision might not be as difficult as some would think.

The talented two-way player announced he had two finalists, and that those schools have different positions in mind for him. Given that fact, a decision might not be very tough to make.

"I have two schools in the race right now and I can say those are North Carolina and Iowa State," said Harris. "I'm looking at those schools very hard and am going it over right now with my parents to think about the decision I'm going to make.

"North Carolina likes me as both (a running back and defensive back), but they're probably recruiting me more as a defensive back. From being out there, they're already having a couple good guys come in at running back. They've got to good backs there and are shooting for me as a defensive back.

"But I talked to Coach Mac and he said they were going to recruit me and play me as a running back. We also just talked about getting the home visit set up for next week."

Some might wonder if the Cyclones' recruitment of Harris would be effected by the recent commitment of Dominique Rocker. But that's not the case.

"I just talked to Coach McCarney about 15 minutes ago and he said that they would wait until the end with me," Harris said. "He was going to get back to me about the date. I think he's going to come in after the North Carolina coach, and we'll sort out things from there."

Harris added that he would be hosting both head coaches from ISU and North Carolina next week, and would be making a commitment shortly thereafter. That means he has canceled trips to South Carolina and Eastern Kentucky for the next two weekends.

From watching the Cyclones on TV and from his recruiting visit in December, Harris likes what he sees from the program and offense it has implemented.

"I like the type of offense they run," Harris said. "They do a combination of both throwing and running. They can pound that ball at you with Stevie Hicks, looking at the yards he's gained. They also get the back out in the open and make plays. It would be a good offense to play in.

"I think they like my power and speed, and hope I can come in there, make things happen, and add something to the offense. I want to be on the field somewhere, don't get me wrong, but I would probably prefer running back over defensive back."

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