Chat Transcript users, staff, and special guest John Walters took part in an online chat Thursday night to discuss various Iowa State topics. Here is a complete transcription of the chat.

Gooseman: evening

wartburg4isu: hey goose

wartburg4isu: hawks just took illinois to OT

Gooseman: yep, figures

Gooseman: now Alford has to coach more, which is a plus for Illinois

wartburg4isu: haha

wartburg4isu: plus for iowa hansen fouled out

Gooseman: haven't been listening, have it picture in picture

wartburg4isu: i think hansen in the last 2 games has 10 fouls... and 3 points

wartburg4isu: I hope our clones get on track and put a little streak together

Gooseman: they need some confidence

Gooseman: hopefully eveyone is rested

wartburg4isu: yeah week off came at a good time

wartburg4isu: im glad we have 3 big men coming in for next season

Gooseman: still need a shooter

Gooseman: or someone currently on the roster to step up

Gooseman: I thought Neal would be the guy

wartburg4isu: yeah... i think when Davis might step up

wartburg4isu: hes been really close to coming on strong.. then he got hurt again

wartburg4isu: thats tough when you have a shoulder that subluxes

wartburg4isu: I think we all are disappointed with Neal... who could get better if he slows his shot down

Gooseman: I had never heard of a shoulder brace for basketball

wartburg4isu: i wore one in football.. the same one he wore

wartburg4isu: i had the same shoulder problem.. thats gotta be tough to play bball with that thing on

wartburg4isu: It pretty much just keeps the shoulder from subluxing to the front of the shoulder... im guessing thats his problem..

wartburg4isu: thats the weak spot in the shoulder that can cause it to sublux

Gooseman: I had knee problems, that was bad enough

wartburg4isu: yuck....

wartburg4isu: i just had an acl, but got it fixed quick

Gooseman: that and broke my arm 2 times

wartburg4isu: I stood in on a total knee replacement the other dya

wartburg4isu: im a physical therapy student... so i got to watch the surgery

Gooseman: I just had a shot in my knee, Dr said I'm looking at replacement at some point, arthritis is bad

wartburg4isu: Surgery for that is no fun.... but rehab goes pretty smooth for most people.. its important to go into surgery with a strong leg

wartburg4isu: good luck with that.... its tough stuff

Gooseman: he told me I could keep getting shots until they don't help anymore, I had surgery over 2 years ago, he said he was surprised it took me as long as it did before I came back

wartburg4isu: thats no fun

Gooseman: surgery improved my golf game by 3 strokes, maybe replacement will help also

Gooseman: that's to bad, iowa lost

wartburg4isu: yeah

wartburg4isu: im heartbroken

Gooseman: would have rather it been a blowout though

wartburg4isu: yeah

wartburg4isu: im liking 1-3 in th ebig ten tho

cyboss: Have to listen to a couple of years of almosts now

Gooseman: they won the 2nd half

ForeverClone: Go Illini !!!

Gooseman: wasn't rooting for them, but sure did like the outcome

ForeverClone: Stinson playing Sat. ??

Gooseman: sounded like it from WM interview

cyboss: want to bet on 2 full pages of dsm rag tomorrow

clonecougar: Plus front page banner

ForeverClone: Headline - Alford Blames Captians

Gooseman: will be a good time to compare, they lose to #1, we lost to #2, I expect positives for their coverage tomorrow

cyboss: when are we going to know about faulner

cyboss: Faulkner

Gooseman: let's hope by Sat

clonecougar: How bad is Paulsen, Goose?

Gooseman: I think we'll be lucky if he is back for OSU

hawksuck75: whats up yall

cyboss: Gooseman will Cael help bring some good wrestlers in next year, and how much longer will Bobby coach

clonecougar: Sounds like a tough injury

wartburg4isu: I think I mentioned it before, but I talked to Mike Hendersons mom last week

wartburg4isu: i wouldnt be surprised if he transfers...

Gooseman: Bobby wants a title, and this nucleus gives him a chance

wartburg4isu: a transfer to ISU wouldnt surprise me... he wanted to go there, but since his uncle works for the big 10 he convinced him to go to Iowa

wartburg4isu: players are sick of alford babying pierce and brunner

cyboss: Gooseman I think we have a good team but 2 many holes IMO

clonecougar: Love em or hate em, the Hawks almost pulled it off tonight

wartburg4isu: yeah hate em

Gooseman: Cael will be a plus, the majority of the recruiting of this class was done before he got on board,

wartburg4isu: they caught a break with illinois playing like crap

clonecougar: That's why they play the games

wartburg4isu: exactly

wartburg4isu: i wish fb took more of that approach. it seems like in fb no matter who wins.. the 'better' team should have won...

clonecougar: How's school going, Wartburg?

wartburg4isu: its tough, but its going well so far

wartburg4isu: just got done doing my first hospital clinical

clonecougar: Good to hear, keep it up!

Gooseman: 133 & 149 are the weakest weights, but 133 isn't loaded in conference, so Sundell can qualify

ForeverClone: Did you se Colorado made 3 of 23 3 pointers against Baylor

wartburg4isu: that means they will hit 10-13 against us!;)

cyboss: He's really had a tough time getting going but last win a good one

ForeverClone: Bet Colorado makes their 1st 3

Gooseman: similar to the bball team, needs a little confidence

wartburg4isu: i dont think they will handle a good ISU press well

wartburg4isu: could be a sloppy, big play game

ForeverClone: Stinson has to play

wartburg4isu: we cant lose to an 0-4 team

hawksuck75: we wont lose

ForeverClone: Faulkner is registered for the 2nd semester

hawksuck75: is he playing

wartburg4isu: that cant be a bad sign

Gooseman: Coleman stepped up big against UNI, hopefully he continues that aggressiveness

hawksuck75: i think were headed to the NIT

wartburg4isu: lets just win the big 12 tourny and sneak in;)

wartburg4isu: afterall its in KC

hawksuck75: yea that would be nice

cyboss: Seems like the wrestlers at end of season last year turned it up a notch, hopefully they can repeat

wartburg4isu: there is a lot of bball season left.. we could step it up.. if we win our next 4

wartburg4isu: i wont count us out

hawksuck75: yea did u guys see archabald after WM got ejected

hawksuck75: he looked like a young LE

wartburg4isu: he really did

wartburg4isu: u could hear him on the radio yellin

wartburg4isu: hes going to make a great HC

hawksuck75: yea maybe flipflop him and morgan

wartburg4isu: great recruiter too

hawksuck75: yep

wartburg4isu: it would be nice to see the FB team sign some surprise stud in these last few weeks

Gooseman: they seem focused, and they feed off each other, if 1 guy does real well, they want to also, we outconidtioned both Minnesota and UNI,

grayer: Any word on Faulkner yet?

wartburg4isu: we seem to be slippin on these guys

thecyguy: Don't get too excited about what's left Wartburg

wartburg4isu: Thats why I meant some surprise.. that NOBODY sees

hawksuck75: whats up with our ranking we dropped 9 spots

Gooseman: Gallick and Backes are wrestling very well

cyboss: Your right so far we seem to be in better conditioning shape at the end of matches than other teams

5cyze: Hi guys. It's John Walters. I have about a half hour, so fire away if you have any questions.

grayer: What the word on Faulkner John?

CYCO4ST8: The million dollar question: what was the deal with the officials talking with you that Morgan mentioned?

5cyze: As of this afternoon, they didn't have an answer. It may happen by Saturday, or it may take til early next week.

grayer: Shaw is a jerk!

thecyguy: How does it look John?

wartburg4isu: John, have you seen any footage of our 4 recruits??

wartburg4isu: for bball

5cyze: Curtis Shaw had just kicked Wayne out. He apparently didn't like Eric's facial expression, so he came over and said something like "you better move on to something else or you'll be the next to go!"

Gooseman: John, being around the team, are they still upbeat after what has happened the last 3 games

Gooseman: being so close

5cyze: thecyguy, I have no idea... but I'm real hopeful, because Faulkner would make a big difference in the second half of the season.

clonecougar: You could hear it on the radio broadcast. I just listened to it today in the archives.

thecyguy: I agree John

hawksuck75: we need that extra post player

grayer: Shaw ought to be banned from doing Iowa State game.

5cyze: The only one of the four recruits I've seen play is Marsden, of course. But the others all sound like good players.

CYCO4ST8: that's pathetic

wartburg4isu: how is mardsen playing.. in dport thats the last news id get :)

LindenCyclone: hey

5cyze: I've only visited with Wayne and the assistant coaches, but everyone still seems upbeat. I think this team is ready to rattle off some wins.

SimpsonCy: hola everyone

5cyze: Marsden is averaging a double double. He might need a redshirt year, but I think he can be a Paul Shirley type player. Maybe not quite at that level, but many of the same skills.

grayer: I've seen him play once and he still need a little work, but is a good progject.

hawksuck75: John, what are your thoughts on the upcomming football season

eclones: I think everyone has to remember that we have a lot of very young very good talent on this team. Once Wayne gets them to gel togather they will be very good!

thecyguy: John, regarding football, are you hearing about some players, beyond Chalk and Hargis, not being asked back or quitting?

SteveDeace: Howdy

5cyze: I'm very excited about football. With the coaching staff returning in tact, and all the experience on both sides of the ball it could be a special year.

grayer: Hey

clonecougar: Hi Steve!

wartburg4isu: I agreed with Deace when he said that the players need to start trusting each other....

wartburg4isu: they started to during the OSU game

hawksuck75: exactly

wartburg4isu: I dont think stinson is trying to be a ball hog, but it seems he only trusts himself or will sometimes

wartburg4isu: mainly himself;)

5cyze: Haven't heard anything on other players not returning. I think there will be plenty of positives to focus on, however.

SteveDeace: Fire away

SteveDeace: For once I am in here before Bill!

SteveDeace: Thanks for joining us John.

ForeverClone: Deacer is Stinson playing sat.

hawksuck75: Any news on schedualing for football

kevclone: whats the lastest on the fb recruiting front?

grayer: Stinson will be playing unless they cut his leg off.

5cyze: Stinson has a scorer's mentality. When he took over games last year, noone called him a ball hog. He's missed a few shots, but I still love having the ball in his hands at the end of close games, and I'm sure other coaches around the league would to. He's only a sophomore. We need to remember that.

thecyguy: This class should help shore some offensive needs for next year. I also see two defensive recruits that will help too.

SteveDeace: Wayne said today that if the game were tonight he would be doubtful, but thankfully the game is Saturday. I would say yes.

kevclone: any more schollies to give for football?

5cyze: I'd be shocked if Stinson doesn't play. He's so competitive. Already this year, he's had hand, shoulder, nose, eye and knee injuries... and nothing has kept him out yet.

ForeverClone: John - is Wayne pretty active talking to players during the game?

CYCO4ST8: can anyone explain why Staple's appeal took much less time than Faulkner's is?

grayer: I think Stinson is a tough a player to ever play at Iowa State.

BillSeals: very good interview with WM, Steve!

thecyguy: Good job Steve

SteveDeace: Because Staple's appeal wasn't so much an appeal as a clarification of the fact that since he is a foreign student he didn't need a foreign language credit.

SteveDeace: Thanks! :)

5cyze: Wayne is very active and very focused. If you ever get a chance to watch one of his practices, you'd see it right away. He's extremely competitive.

clonecougar: He's more like the anti-LE

SteveDeace: Make up your mind. :)

wartburg4isu: lol

kevclone: any football news tonite?

JDDCy: What are the odds with getting Faulkner back? John, Steve, Bill

BillSeals: we appear to be in a holding pattern for now, kev

CYCO4ST8: anyone know the officials for Sat? It shouldn't matter against CU, but we seem to always play to the level of our competition

BillSeals: at least until after this weekend...then maybe we find out some more news

LindenCyclone: is tavale gone for sure?

ForeverClone: Deacer, we will have close to 25,000 attend the mens and womens games this saturday. do you think anyone will wrtte or talk about that?

kevclone: any visitors this weekend?

BillSeals: How about Shaw, O'Neill, and Higgins!!!

excytied: Who are we waiting on?

SteveDeace: Last week I would've said 60% or better, now I'm not so optimistic...But I haven't given up hope yet.

BillSeals: for officials

FredGarvinMP: any more hints on the mystery DL recruit Bill?? ;-)

BillSeals: nope, sorry garvin

SteveDeace: Nope. Why?

Don4ISU: Can anybody explain why we didn't tell Tavale that he'd get first shot at OG? Heck, if he beat out Fiacco or Stephens doesn't that make us better. And what would preclude him from getting a look at center?

JDDCy: Bill, we all promise not to tell

grayer: Did you see the Hightowere was working the Iowa game.

BillSeals: I've heard that one before, JDDCy

IBzoiker: What are we chatting about?

CYCO4ST8: great, any insight as to why so many officials seem to have it in for ISU?

BillSeals: Hightower and our boy Steve Welmer

Don4ISU: 1 official - Curtis Shaw and now Eric Heft is on his bad side. LOL

SteveDeace: I freaking hate Ed a way that is un-Christian.

5cyze: I noticed Hightower, but I was distracted by all of Brent Musberger's promo mentions of "Tilt"

grayer: Who was the other official in that Iowa game tonight>

SimpsonCy: Hightower does like to be the show

IBzoiker: what's the plan for weekend FB visitors

LindenCyclone: ha

Don4ISU: I LOVE Ed Hightower especially if he sticks it to the Hawks....

clonecougar: Brent had poker on the brain tonight

BillSeals: I will be interested to hear how the Tavale thing broke out when speaking 'on the record' with our coaches on signing day

SteveDeace: He was terrible in the Iowa game, too. Erek Hensen had Illini players hanging on him like drapes on the glass, no calls at all.

cyyett: Bill is this mystery recruit as good as Minor?

BillSeals: you could say he is!

CYCO4ST8: Musberger is a HORRIBLE bball annoucer, ESPN should be ashamed (JWClone joined)

stretchclone: hey bill, i thought you were going to post the chats

SimpsonCy: ESPN should be ashamed about a lot of things

Don4ISU: my point exactly Steve.

SteveDeace: No...ESPN should be ashamed for Sean Salisbury and Stephen A. Smith.

BillSeals: totally forgot about it, stretch

LindenCyclone: among other things steve :)

clonecougar: Don't forget about Trev Alberts

thecyguy: IS anyone else recuitng the DE?

grayer: At least Vitalte wasn't doing the game tonight.

stretchclone: stehpen a smith is a derlict, i absoluty cant stand tolisten to him

IBzoiker: the plan for zoiker is to take in the BB double header in Ames on Sat.

Don4ISU: Don't forget Trev Alberts...

BillSeals: this last weekend was so busy that I forgot about doing it until like Monday

SteveDeace: Stephen A.

SteveDeace: He makes me long for Trev

kevclone: bill/ guys have any stats on how the b-ball recruits are doing this year

BillSeals: me too, zoiker!!!

Gooseman: Hey John, bball ? what have you been most impressed with, and most disappointed so far

grayer: How are tickets sale looking for this weekend doubleheader?

SimpsonCy: are the NCAAs a dream for the mens team, or are we jsut waiting to get on a roll...

clonecougar: Bill, do you know who I can contact to get the results of the combine in San Antonio last weekend?

BillSeals: stats are especially hard to come by for the prep school guys...i spoke with an ISU assistant about getting some news and he said it's been hard for them to even come by

5cyze: I'm impressed by the way Clark is coming on. He's going to be a very good player. I've been disappointed that the "by committee" four-spot has turned into Staple and no help.

thecyguy: Bill, Steve and John, thanks for the info.

CYCO4ST8: maybe Jim Rome can announce some bball games for them - that would be...................phenominal

IBzoiker: Yeah, but you live in central Iowa Bill, I live about 20 NE of Albert Lea and it is supposed to snow like hell tomorrow

Don4ISU: Bill, Besides the Mystery recruit who are the two most likely to sign?

BillSeals: good luck to you then!

BillSeals: probably Harris and the mystery recruit (maybe)

SteveDeace: John....what did you think of the Randy Brown stories Marc Hansen wrote?

FredGarvinMP: Rocker sounds like a heck of a catch

JWClone: where do you live IBzoiker?

BillSeals: I'm sure the recruiting experts will be putting together results from the combine, cougar

IBzoiker: 10 south of Owatonna in the rural hinterland

BillSeals: Rocker is a great catch!

(FalenscheckFanclub left)

BillSeals: Sounds like a Stevie Hicks clone

JWClone: I lived in Blue Earth for a couple years

LindenCyclone: I know it is early, but have there been any projections on Ellis Hobbs being drafted?

kevclone: who else stands out for you bill that has committed so far?

5cyze: I thought Marc wrote a great series, and I wrote Randy a note telling him that I thought it was very courageous to come forward with his story to try to help others. Knowing Randy, that was sincere, and a real act of selflessness. I pray for him and his family frequently.

BillSeals: what do you Minnesotans think of Loney?

clonecougar: I grew up between Swea City and Ledyard

Don4ISU: Has anybody else noticed that this class has the highest avg stars of any of the past classes?

SteveDeace: I hear you...and agree that was courageous to come out and do that.

IBzoiker: I only live 3 miles off of I-35, only 2 hrs to Ames on dry roads

SteveDeace: Don't even get me started on the stars....:)

CYCO4ST8: perhaps even more corageous of Randy's wife as well

BillSeals: And I still think they've got Bowen's ranking with all JUCOs, he should be at least a 3-star recruit

JDDCy: Bill does hte mystery DE have any stars? sorry Steve

Don4ISU: Just saying that despite us getting hosed, its still the highest rated one in a long time...

SimpsonCy: Steve, I noticed that great thread about out recruiting annalyst disappeared

LindenCyclone: what did the randy brown stories cover?

BillSeals: probably got at least one star, jddcy

Don4ISU: yes simpson, I noticed that also...

IBzoiker: I like loney , but I'm an Iowa Stater, I don't know the opinions of the Vikings fans; I'm a Chiefs fan and prefer the environment at Arrowhead.

CYCO4ST8: just about everything Linden - they're available on the website

eclones: Does anybody know why Houston Smith went from a 3 star to a two star!

LindenCyclone: ok, thanks

BillSeals: It will be a lot of fun to watch how Loney's system translates to the NFL

5cyze: Randy basically told all about his path of destruction. He's trying to make sure others headed down the same path didn't make the same mistakes he did.

LindenCyclone: i will check it out

SimpsonCy: I hope Loney bring in a passing consultant

FredGarvinMP: i prefer the environment in a port-a-toilet better than the Metrodome

IBzoiker: Why did we drop from 43rd (or so) to 51st within 2 days, on the team rankings?

LindenCyclone: thanks John

SteveDeace: Just like your recruiting analyst disappeared.

(rcolby joined)

BillSeals: maybe the rankings had been revised after the busy weekend and all-star game

SteveDeace: Maybe the rankings are a joke?

SimpsonCy: haha

Gooseman: Vivkings problems have nothing to do with offense side of the ball

stretchclone: maybe somebody behind us got some recruits and they passed us

FredGarvinMP: the guy I can't wait to see at ISU is Fiacco

grayer: lol

kevclone: bill/steve...did you guys ever hear much about possible position switches in the bowl practices?

BillSeals: I can't say I've seen a high school kid dominate as much as Fiacco did on tape

BillSeals: WOW!!!

eclones: Steve I absolutely agree!!

FredGarvinMP: yeah, his tapesare impressive

clonecougar: John, what are the odds of beating Texas since Aldridge and Tucker are gone?

IBzoiker: I think what happened is schools that latched onto a four star kid got a lot of points for that recruit and rocketed ahead of us.

BillSeals: Scherbring had switched to OL, kev

SimpsonCy: what class was Fiacco playing in?

FredGarvinMP: he just mauls kids until the whistle

BillSeals: I think they moved Carper to LB as well

Don4ISU: I think Stephens may be just as good as Fiacco...The Texas high schools are as good as a JC for player development.

kevclone: how bout lewis?

SteveDeace: Remember DON...Stephens is just a 1-star.

eclones: Will Fiacco be redshirted?

SteveDeace: Note the sarcasm.

CYCO4ST8: you guys heard anything about Austin Flynn. Are they looking at leaving him as a strong backup (since Meyer runs a lot), or consiering a position swithch for him?

BillSeals: maybe/maybe not, eclones

SteveDeace: I don't think he's switching positions, what about you John?

Don4ISU: yes. I've heard it many many times around 3:20

BillSeals: probably a strong backup for now, cyco4st8

IBzoiker: I saw Fiacco and his family at the gas station/Arby's at the i-35 interchange after the Missouri game, he's not super tall but is built like a chunk of iron.

5cyze: I haven't heard otherwise Steve.

Don4ISU: If anybody wants a laugh look at the last few years of commits....Zehr I believe was 1 star also...

BillSeals: what were some of the strong redshirt kids you heard of in bowl practices, john?

Rastus: Sorry I'm late. Any recruit news?

SteveDeace: We ought to just have a policy that every ISU recruit is a 1-star.

BillSeals: no, rastus

LindenCyclone: Can someone tell me what day the Randy Brown stories were printed...I cant find it at

JWClone: Any freshman or walk on footballers being talked about Bill?

SteveDeace: Look in the news archives Sunday-Wednesday LINDEN

5cyze: Carper and Frere come to mind first. They're also very high on Hunley.

SimpsonCy: Steve I thought that was the policy

SteveDeace: They're on the website

BillSeals: did you hear anything on Will Lewis?

SteveDeace: We're trying to make it official SIMPSON ;)

IBzoiker: I think there is a disparity of points between one-star and five star kids on both the Scout and Rivals systems.

kevclone: who's gonna back up at cb?

LindenCyclone: Ok Steve, looking now :)

LindenCyclone: thanks

Rastus: Any OLs switched to DL?

SteveDeace: Fabian Dodd...if you want to count him.

BillSeals: not that I know of, rastus

BillSeals: I thought Dodd was still at OL for now

SimpsonCy: what will be an acceptable game on Saturday for the men, dominating from start to finish? WInning?

FredGarvinMP: I think Frere has a brother who should be pretty highly recruited next year, DL i believe

grayer: Just win baby, Simpson

Rastus: Time for a blowout!

BillSeals: I don't think the men will dominate from start to finish, but I expect them to win by double digits, too

SteveDeace: Winning...with a seven-man rotation, there is no such thing as dominating from start to finish.

IBzoiker: 5-10 points for a one-star kid and a couple-hundred points for a five star kid.

Don4ISU: Any news on bball recruiting?

5cyze: I want to see our men's team DOMINATE an opponent. They can't play down to the "perceived" level of competition.

JWClone: anyone know of any other players leaving/quitting, or just getting fired

BillSeals: there was a thread today about Cook getting run

SteveDeace: John, I'd like to see our men's team make the extra pass during a crucial possession against a quality opponent.

grayer: All I want is a win, I don't care if we win by 5 or 30. But a 30 points win is a lot more comfortable,

IBzoiker: When will we have news on Faulkner's eligibility.

eclones: John your absolutely right! It is time for a good performance!

CYCO4ST8: This would be a great opportunity to see Clark step up on the offensive end, and I'd like to see Staple have a strong game following up on his strong performance at OSU

BillSeals: probably within a week, zoiker

SteveDeace: Staple is now the key to the season.

5cyze: Again, the Faulkner thing could be announced by tomorrow, or it could be early next week.

JWClone: is Kuehl in the same boat Bill, they are built the same

IBzoiker: Brandon Cook, in FB?

SimpsonCy: off topic a bit. Lutter (sp) the back up center/snapper is student teaching with my brother. My brother said he is all ready down to like 230...

BillSeals: don't think so, jw

kevclone: do u think our football staff will remain unchanged til fall

5cyze: Steve, I'd like to see the extra pass more often too, but I think people are too crticial of Stinson. When those shots were falling last year against Xavier, Texas and Kansas... and he was taking over games, nobody was complaining.

CYCO4ST8: what takes them so long to make a decision, at one point I heard he was doing some make-up work, any truth to that?

kingmo24: i stood next to lutter on the sideline and he did'nt seem much bigger than me

SimpsonCy: played at like 260, said he got up to 275, and he was just fat and slow... must have been tough

grayer: Is that true about Cook?

5cyze: kev, I don't think we'll see staff changes, which will be a big boost heading into next season.

IBzoiker: Your contemporary, Jon Miller on the Hawkeye boards has done a great job of cleaning up that cesspool of a site within the last year or so.

BillSeals: haven't gotten confirmation, grayer

SteveDeace: True John....but those shots were falling last year against the opponent's #3 defensive option...this year I think there have been too many times he should've been playmaker more often.

kevclone: i hope so...great to hear

SteveDeace: Gary Thompson sort of said the same thing on Cotlar's show after the Kansas loss.

grayer: Because I didn't see that thread about Cook.

SteveDeace: I pass along the props to Mr. Miller.

BillSeals: oops, actually I guess that was an email from someone that I received

BillSeals: sorry

5cyze: I can't blame Stinson for Sullivan and Vroman no longer being on the team. He's just a competitive scorer trying to help his team win.

JWClone: I think a few of the Marty Fine line recruits need to work hard for Cotton because they aren't really his style of player

kingmo24: i think we should never mention Marty Fine again...ever

SimpsonCy: agreed

Gooseman: who

IBzoiker: I meant their message boards used to be a cesspool, but are no longer.

LindenCyclone: ha

SteveDeace: I agree in general there too. But I don't like some of the histrionics on the court, particularly when in regards to teammates having trouble catching passes.

clonecougar: John, any opinion on Texas since they have lost Tucker and Aldridge?

kevclone: how do people think fitch did this year as a new coach here

5cyze: Texas will plug in a couple more McDonald's All-Americans, but losing those two will definitely hurt their chances.

JWClone: I think did a fine job with Meyer

grayer: Well Kev, our QB play was much better with him here this year.

kingmo24: texas did ok against OK State with tucker on the bench in foul trouble

Rastus: Meyer certainly developed as the years wore on.

IBzoiker: Hopefully, the mens game is not sold out yet, I wanted to walk up and get tix.

FredGarvinMP: thanks for the info guys

kingmo24: if texas point guard keeps goin off like he did they will be fine

Cyride: sorry I just joined. any word on Faulkner?

5cyze: Steve, I agree about Stinson to a degree. I wish he wouldn't over-react to calls, because it doesn't accomplish anything.

clonecougar: Looking forward to seeing that game in Austin

SteveDeace: I also think all of us, myself included, have too high of expectations of him at times because he is such a great player.

IBzoiker: I think Fitch helped Meyer progress as the season wore on.

BillSeals: can we mentioned the easter eggs, kingmo?

cyboss: I think if stinson makes the extra pass it opens up the insides ,so later in the game he doesn't get hammered so much as he ducks his head and goes into 3 players

kingmo24:'s no big deal

JWClone: Bill, only if you are going to shoot them

BillSeals: I think Fitch's job opportunities this offseason should say a lot about him as a coach

SteveDeace: Is it possible to have a chat on this site without a Marty Fine reference?

grayer: NO

BillSeals: I hear he was offered the offensive coordinator's job at East Carolina, in addition to an assistant's job at Florida

Rastus: Does Fitch recruit? Never hear him mentioned.

IBzoiker: As the person of who we should not speak would say, any reference to shooting the Easter eggs is okay.

BillSeals: Fitch does recruit some areas

kevclone: glad he's staying...should bode well for the future

BillSeals: parts of Florida and the southeast

kingmo24: I heard grayer is backing a Brickey-Fine ticket for president in 2008

Cyride: Any word on Faulkner yet?

BillSeals: no, cyride

5cyze: Nothing yet, Cyride. Could be tomorrow. Could be early next week.

grayer: Yep your right, busted!

eclones: Bill Does ISU have the resourses to keep Todd and Barney?

SteveDeace: Hey now, I really liked Steve Brickey!

kingmo24: brickey was ok

BillSeals: I sure hope they can find a way, eclones

kevclone: where did he end up at?

JWClone: you just liked Brikey's name

(Cowboyclone joined)

BillSeals: Brickey went to Indiana State

stretchclone: bill, can you please post this chat, i missed the first part

Rastus: They do now. I just joined the gridiron club.

BillSeals: I will see what I can do

JDDCy: Brickey was ok as a QB coach, not as a O-coordinator

Cowboyclone: Damn, I tried to get into the chat early knowing I wouldn't be back to the house in time but it didn't work, did I miss anything big yet?

kingmo24: anyways word from Van De Velde is that the 11th game next year has shifted towards Illinios State or Temple

IBzoiker: If our women's team could find a way to cut down the turnovers, they should be a lock for the sweet sixteen, bare minimum.

kingmo24: opposed to the Arkansas State-Baylor swap thing

eclones: I just really believe they are two guys that we need to keep now and in the future!!

clonecougar: I've been thinking about that, too, Rastus, but I won't be able to attend much living here in Texas.

SteveDeace: Yep...Bruce is re-signing tomorrow COWBOY

CYCO4ST8: any update on the fball schedule yet regarding the open week?

SteveDeace: Just kidding

kingmo24: i just said it cyco

kingmo24: scroll up

5cyze: They're still working on the open date. Part of the problem is that ISU very badly wants a game the week before Iowa, so there isn't much flexiblity in terms of dates.

Cowboyclone: I had to read that about 3 times to see if you were saying he was quitting or coming back. Don't do that to me! :)

SteveDeace: Best Wayne Morgan line this year..."This league is a bitch...oh, excuse my language."

Rastus: Temple would not be a pushover.

kingmo24: they are looking hard now at Illinois State and Temple

SimpsonCy: anyone makeint the trip to Army next year? We have family out there, so are going

5cyze: He's right too. The bottom teams in the Big 12 are MUCH better than anyone expected.

grayer: Wayne give the best one word or two words anwer around.

SteveDeace: I'm going to try and make the Army trip SIMPSON

Cowboyclone: Is Illinois St 1-AA?

Rastus: Me too?

kingmo24: yes cowboy

CYankees: Any chance of getting Houston on the schedule still?

SimpsonCy: I think that could be a great place to see a game

SteveDeace: I know GRAYER...I always feel for John on those pregame interviews.

SteveDeace: Mac is against it CY

5cyze: That game with Houston has been taken by Oregon.

IBzoiker: I wish we would quit playing D-IAA teams, other than northern Iowa, although Illinois State is probably better than Temple.

LindenCyclone: why are we even looking at arkansas st.

CYCO4ST8: so why would we do that MO? You might as well play UNI if thats the case.

SteveDeace: Mac was against it anyway....ISU inquired into it, and Mac apparently didn't want to do it.

Cowboyclone: Thanks to Steve or most likely Amy for putting the Morgan interview on the board. I only caught half of the interview and it was great to be able to read the whole thing tonight!

Rastus: Oregon and Oregon State will go anywhere to be on TV.

SteveDeace: Actually, Bill gets the credit for that.

5cyze: Mac and Bruce want a home game.

kingmo24: they need a home game

Cowboyclone: Good job out of you Bill!

kingmo24: the budget won't work any way else

SimpsonCy: Don't blame them for wanting a homegame

LindenCyclone: yeah, but isnt there anyone better than arkansas st? maybe a MAC school?

BillSeals: thanks!

SteveDeace: I disagree...Houston was too good an opportunity to pass up....of course, I'm not the coach everyone will want fired if they lose.

Cowboyclone: You've been on a roll lately Bill!

SimpsonCy: John what was your take on the officials and getting talked to...

BillSeals: yeah John, troublemaker!!!

IBzoiker: They are a D-IA sunbelt team Linden; we are looking at them because Northern Illinois left us in a lurch, eschewing ISU in favor of getting their asses kicked in front of 111,000 people in the big house.

Rastus: Wouldn't ISU take in a million to play its first game at LSU, Florida, or Notre Dame?

kingmo24: northern illinios still has to play us at some point don't they?

LindenCyclone: I ddint know that NIU gave us the shaft like that

5cyze: Simpson, I just felt like he shouldn't be preoccupied with what's happening "off" the court, when there was plenty going on "on" the court.

Cowboyclone: It is no wonder the officials don't like us, John and Eric are the ones causing all the problems!! :)

grayer: We've already played NIU twice.

kingmo24: yeah but we have a 2 for 1

SimpsonCy: I just laughed, they knew they went calling the fouls the same way...

BillSeals: refs probably didn't like being told the 'truth'

SteveDeace: Curtis Shaw and Ed Hightower....I'd like to see them officiate some prison league games in Abu Ghraib....I am so sick of those two guys.

SimpsonCy: nothing equitable about them

kingmo24: unless northern illinois paid to get out of it they owe us another home game

JDDCy: John, what did he say? I missed it

BillSeals: what about Tom O'Neill, Deace?

CYCO4ST8: i thought the whole reason was because they didn't want to play UNI, since they used the I-AA game this season

SteveDeace: O'Neill, Janssen, and Hooker should've been fired the Monday after the debacle in Lawrence last year.

kingmo24: UNI was already playing Iowa

(fondacy joined)

JWClone: whatever happened to JC Liembach?

IBzoiker: Steve, have you been to games in 'the big house' in Ann Arbor?

SteveDeace: Several IB

5cyze: Sorry guys, I have to bail out. We're expecting a feed from Champaign, hopefully Alford whining about something :) Thanks, John W.

SteveDeace: Thanks John!

BillSeals: see ya john

Cowboyclone: Who was the official in the Kansas game that seemed to be calling all the fouls most of the game? I was calling him "Mini Hightower".

kingmo24: thanks for your time john

grayer: Thank god Iowa lost tonight!

IBzoiker: How many damn rows are in that stadium for it to fit 110,000 people?

SimpsonCy: thanks john

Cowboyclone: Thanks John.

JDDCy: thanks John

SteveDeace: Several!

CYCO4ST8: did anything ever come about for the officials of the KU cluster___ last year?

BillSeals: I had never seen that guy before, cowboy

SimpsonCy: we lost

BillSeals: but he was 'AWFUL'!!!!

Cowboyclone: Yes he was!!!

SteveDeace: They were reprimanded, but that's it as far as I know.

IBzoiker: I wonder if people are more compressed together, like they are at kinnick?

LindenCyclone: thanks steve for getting John here :)

SteveDeace: In his next game at Hilton, if I remember right, O'Neill gave Morgan a technical.

Cowboyclone: Was there any football recruiting info tonight?

SteveDeace: You're welcome

grayer: God guys I had finally gotten over the Kansas game last year, now you guys remind me of it.

LindenCyclone: and of course being here yourself

kingmo24: i'm not over it either grayer

kingmo24: i might get over it if Homan knocks Miles out for that faggoty bitch slap last year

BillSeals: kind of status quo for now, cowboy

SimpsonCy: there are several Cyclone moments I think I have gotten over, but they always come back

stretchclone: hey did bergan really commit to illinois??

(krazyclone left)

BillSeals: I still haven't been able to reach Bergen and Minor

Cowboyclone: I was just watching the Orlando game and heard Cato is shooting 80% from the FT line, was he anywhere near that good at ISU?

BillSeals: but I have heard that Bergen is NOT committed to Illinois

stretchclone: so we still have a shot at him

BillSeals: it just seems that he really OPENED up his recruitment a lot from the last time I talked to him

grayer: 58 career shooter at ISU Cowboy

Cowboyclone: Thanks Grayer.

LindenCyclone: so did we have a 2 home, 1 away with NIU?

kingmo24: yes we do

SteveDeace: Why would you want to play for the Clueless One?

kingmo24: they owe us a game in the near future

SteveDeace: Ron Zook strikes me as...well...a nimrod.

Cowboyclone: Oh, I thought you were talking about Alford. :)

SimpsonCy: Zook doesn't seem smart does he...

stretchclone: nimrod,, ha, i havent heard that one for a long time

excytied: zook will alst 3 yrs. max

Gooseman: so is this new somewhat this year that we are backing off guys, have we done it in the past, or are we just hearing about it more this year

SteveDeace: Who can forget his Outback Bowl breakdown of Iowa and how Nate Kaeding was a great RB?

Cowboyclone: That was a classic!

SimpsonCy: he is an idiot

grayer: 58.9 percent Cowboy , I just looked it up.

BillSeals: is Nate Kaeding a great kicker now, either???

BillSeals: LMAO!!!

kingmo24: lol bill

Cowboyclone: How dare you forget that .9 percent! :)

SimpsonCy: touche

SteveDeace: Poll....when does ISU break the streak which-must-not-be-named?

stretchclone: next yer

stretchclone: year

kingmo24: next road game

SimpsonCy: next road game

Cowboyclone: This year but I don't have a clue when.

eclones: Hey Bill Your only as good as your last kick! LOL

fondacy: cu

grayer: I really hope it this year Steve

stretchclone: ok ok, im saying at kstate

LindenCyclone: sometime this year...i hope

CYCO4ST8: i think they should be extremely motivated after last year's meltdown against the wildcats

Cowboyclone: I actually think we might upset one of the better teams on the road because we just seem to play better against tougher competition.

clonecougar: They'll win at KSU, and I can see them winning at Texas.

BillSeals: let's just hope we don't get beat by 30-some on the road to K-State

stretchclone: everyone is tougher compettion for us on the road

Rastus: Does Mac have a news blackout about the team? Don't hear much inside info this year.

kingmo24: the coaches are on the road alot this time of year

grayer: When Keading missed his field goal I thought about posting something on the Cy-hawk board, but decided not to.

BillSeals: word is that the walls have become more secure around Fort Jacobson lately

stretchclone: secure about what

Cowboyclone: Is it just me or are there a lot less video's on the FB recruits this year?

eclones: Does anybody know anything about our new kicker from Bettendorf?

Gooseman: also helps it was a good year

SimpsonCy: Steve how many you hoping for at 3rd base for the recruiting party? the last two have been a good time

Cowboyclone: I'll be there!

IBzoiker: Grayer, that series with NIU in FB was a 2 for 1 deal.

LindenCyclone: man i would like to make the party, but I will have to try next year

SteveDeace: I'd like to get 150-200 people in there....two years ago we had nearly 200, last year after going 2-10 we had about 100.

SteveDeace: Third Base holds about 400

BillSeals: I knew very little about Mahoski before his commitment, other than that he was pretty clutch for Bettendorf this season

BillSeals: , eclones

SimpsonCy: 400 skinney people

grayer: I'm going to be there.

Cowboyclone: I think there will be WAY more than 100 this year.

SteveDeace: That's good news.

JDDCy: I plan on being there.

BillSeals: what's your take on Mahoski's addition, rcolby? (since you are pretty close to Culbertson)

Cowboyclone: Everyone I talk to is very excited about next years football team.

Clizone: Cowboy I would love to have more videos as well

IBzoiker: Do you guys have a tent party for one of the home games during FB season?

Rastus: We are a dominant OL away from being explosive.

clonecougar: I think the I-AA issue will be a moot point because I'm seeing at least 8 wins next year.

SteveDeace: We'd had options to do them, it's just such a large undertaking that we've declined in the past.

stretchclone: bill, list of visitors for this weekend??

rcolby: his stats are similar to brets hi-sch numbers,bill

IBzoiker: You need to promote it on KXNO.

Cowboyclone: If CN doesn't have a tent party, I know the Greater Des Moines Cyclone Club does and for anyone who becomes a member, all food and drinks are free.

BillSeals: that could be difficult to gather, with the Jake on lockdown, but I'll see what I can do on a list of visitors

SteveDeace: Good idea, but I could just be lazy and promote the Greater Des Moines Cyclone Club's, and let them do all the work!

Rastus: Any chance Culbertson will consult with the pro coach like the Bettendorf kicker has?

IBzoiker: why is 'the Jake' on lockdown?

BillSeals: I think that Mac will still remain loyal to Bret and it will be his job to lose come fall

Clizone: why is the jake on lockdown ?

kingmo24: the other site is still saying austin is visiting this

stretchclone: your theman, well, i got to go, my wife is calling me, hopefully its good news

eclones: Who has a better leg Mahoski or Culbertson?

SimpsonCy: how did NE get that recruiting class, what are those kids being given, I mean promised

SteveDeace: Because it is two weeks from Signing Day...this always happens.

grayer: I bet they don't want to give away the sleath recruit

Clizone: is someone releasing info they shouldnt be or mac didn't want released

BillSeals: LOL, stretchclone!

clonecougar: Wives calling, never good news!

Rastus: People like Antique John, Cyboy, and others don't spill much anymore. I wonder if it's because they know the admin monitors these boards?

BillSeals: I just think the information is becoming harder to come across about the class

IBzoiker: If the 'stealth' recruit is just a re-hashed Plan B or Plan C kid, I'm going to vomit on my new shoes.

BillSeals: (as not to steer other programs onto our 'stealth' recruits)

stretchclone: nope, not good, shes pregnant, and she wanted a me to turn off the fricking light, i need a cold shower

Cowboyclone: I don't know if you guys have discussed this yet but does anyone else think Loney getting the OC job will end up helping ISU in one way or another? I have to think it will.

Clizone: gotcha - thanks

rcolby: he's bummed about the schollie situation

SteveDeace: IB....I already vomited in my mouth today, trust me you don't want to puke on your shoes.

BillSeals: nice! LOL

kingmo24: thanks Steve

clonecougar: Kids...15 minutes of joy, 30 years of hell

kingmo24: beatiful visual

CYCO4ST8: how far along stretch, my wife is due June 2

SteveDeace: Mine is due again on July 31st.

BillSeals: alright fellas, I'm going to call it a night!

Cowboyclone: Anyone remember the Tim Allen joke about the vomit burp?

stretchclone: april 30th, im a hs. baseball coach, so i had to plan around that

SteveDeace: Good night everyone!

BillSeals: go Cyclones, let's pull off a Saturday sweep!!!

Cowboyclone: THanks Bill and Steve!

IBzoiker: I bet Snaggletooth Snyder has a predator drone aircraft (purple and white, of course) buzzing around the Jake this time of year.

kingmo24: gooseman any wrestling news?

IBzoiker: message board personalities dropping like flies.

Gooseman: couple guys banged up

(IBzoiker left)

kingmo24: when is nationals?

Gooseman: March 17-19

kingmo24: you going?

Gooseman: St Louis again

Gooseman: yep

kingmo24: gonna have to do a little better than they did at the midlands to win that sucker

Gooseman: agreed, in alot better condition now

Gooseman: Big 12's will be tough again

kingmo24: next year you almost have to think they will be the favorite for the national title don't you

Gooseman: hoping to qualify 9, but that could be tough

Gooseman: yes, top 2, maybe 3

kingmo24: i don't think they'll drop out of the top 5 for a long long time

Gooseman: 174 will be filled, not sure who will be at HWT

Gooseman: need a 197 lber

kingmo24: well thanks for the info

kingmo24: nite goose and everyone

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