Fennelly Big 12 Teleconference

Iowa State coach Bill Fennelly met with the media Tuesday morning on a Big 12 teleconference. He spoke about his team's potential role in the league title race, and hit on tonight's game against Kansas State. Here is a transcription.

On race for Big 12 being wide open:

"I think it is, but I still like Texas' chances. They have a great team. They've got some of their tough games out of the way on their schedule. I like Kansas State, not just because we're playing them tonight, but winning at Texas Tech is a huge win for them. They still have a couple tough road games and are done in Ames.

"I think there are a lot of teams still with great opportunities and that's going to make it a lot of fun. Again, with the schedules being what they are, I still wouldn't bet much against Texas. I do like Kansas State's chances a lot. That win over Texas Tech really will go a long way in providing them an opportunity to be there at the end. Both Texas and K-State have great seniors, so I'd have to lean to those two."

On where he sees Iowa State in mix:

"We are still undefeated, but we have some really tough road games starting tonight. And we still have to go to Tech, Baylor, and Oklahoma. I don't know that we have the kind of team that over 16 games, with our schedule, can really do the kind of things we need to do. But I hope we can impact it and have a say in what happens.

"We're going through a five out of six stretch now where we play five teams that will all be in the NCAA Tournament. And we're going to play four of them on the road. We'll learn a lot about our team over the next few weeks. We hope to still be talking about a team that can be in that top-four (in the conference) and ultimately have enough wins to get in the NCAA Tournament."

On building up momentum and having seniors to help during stretch:

"I think the senior thing is huge for us, because we do have to play so many road games. We have had some success and won some road games. Maybe it's not at the level of competition that we're going to face, but we've done it on the road.

"Our kids do have some confidence and know how to do the things you need to do on the road. But this is a tough stretch and we all go through it at certain times. But I think our kids believe they can win and that they can play with the teams in this league. We'll learn a lot about our team tonight."

On playing K-State so soon after prior meeting:

"I think the good news is we're done with them, so let's let other people play them. I don't think it matters, because they're going to play us totally different than they did in Ames. Shana Wheeler didn't play hardly at all, as they tried to go a little bit smaller.

"I haven't even shown our kids hardly any video from that game, because I don't think it's going to be the same team and same style. We have focused more on our team and what K-State has done against Texas Tech and Missouri."

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