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"As of now, the coaching staff and I are preparing as if I'm not going to be on scholarship. If it's at my own cost, that's OK," Yelk said. "I just want to come back for football and get an opportunity to finish my final season the way I wanted to a year ago."
Yelk gets sixth season of eligibility
Des Moines Register

"We'll go anywhere. I wouldn't be surprised to see us branch out into two or three more states."
ISU hits more states in '05
Ames Tribune

"I don't have anything else to say right now. All we are going to do right now is let the legal process take place. Once we see that happen, I'll be glad to make a statement and give you an update."
Status of suspended players remains same
Ames Tribune

"[Texas is] something that makes our league and our sport special. We really galvanize the opportunity to play a great team. You're not just playing one team, you're playing history to some degree."
Texas, ISU set to clash Saturday in Ames
Iowa State Daily

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