Fennelly Big 12 Teleconference

Iowa State coach Bill Fennelly met with the media Tuesday morning on a Big 12 teleconference. He spoke about his team's impressive road win against Oklahoma, and hit on tomorrow night's game against Colorado. Here is a transcription.

On overlooking Colorado after winning in Boulder:

"We are not at all. That's not the nature of our team. I have very bright kids and five seniors that understand it's February now and you don't overlook anyone at any time. All you have to do is look across the country and see how games are played and the upsets. I have great respect for Coach Berry.

"They present a unique challenge for us. They're very tall and we've had some rebounding troubles as of late. They played a very good game against Kansas State, and better than we played them. I can guarantee you we're not looking past anyone."

On rebounding mentality against Colorado:

"We need to rebound and haven't done a very good job of it the last two games. It cost us dramatically in the K-State game and then at Oklahoma we survived a bad rebounding effort because we shot the ball so well. When you play a team like Colorado who has great size, when we limited their second shots and got a few offensive rebounds, it dramatically impacted the game.

"We have to do a good job of taking care of the ball against them and always seem to have a few turnovers against their defense; they're very fundamental. We talked a lot about not giving up the ball in silly ways and doing a great job of rebounding. That's been the focus of our practice, and hopefully we'll see some signs of that Wednesday night."

On what it meant to team to win at Oklahoma after K-State loss:

"I think it meant a lot to us, and hopefully shows we have a chance to be a pretty good team. I think it shows the character of any team when you're down and come back. Especially coming back on the road against a big crowd in front of a very good team in Oklahoma. I think our kids really went into that game focused on what we needed to do to win. We played very hard and very well.

"It means a great deal, and now the challenge is for us to build on that and bring that enthusiasm back home. We only get to play two home games in a stretch of six, so this game is important to us."

More on the Oklahoma game:

"We made some shots early and it's a good thing because we weren't guarding them either. It looked like an old NBA high-scoring game to start with. We made some shots early, and some of them were open and some were really tough shots. The good thing is that when they were scoring we were matching it. That did not happen at K-State. Instead of being down 22-4 like we were against K-State, it was 24-24 and then we started to guard a little better and our offense was solid.

"We're a team that needs to make shots. Everyone in the country knows it and it's no big secret. That's the way we need to play. When we make shots, we have a chance to hang around. We fortunately did that Saturday against Oklahoma."

On teams nationwide struggling to find point guards:

"I don't know what the other coaches would say, but we live in a society where you've got to score points. You play high school basketball and AAU basketball, and everyone thinks you're going to get recruited if you score the most and shoot the most. To have a player that is the epitome of a coach on the court and does whatever that team needs at that moment to win – it's invaluable.

"I think you see that at every level of basketball. The teams that have those kind of players are the teams that in the end are going to be there. We all look for them. Everyone thinks they're easy to find, but I think they're getting harder and harder to find. When you find one you'd better hang onto them. I know when we go out and recruit, that's something we talk about. We have been blessed to have ones that have really impacted our team."

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