Fiacco Anxious to Sign on Dotted Line

Hartland (Wisc.) Arrowhead offensive lineman Jason Fiacco will sign with the Iowa State on Wednesday and then grace the cover CN Magazine next month. The standout high schooler talks about the recruiting process coming to an end and what his Wednesday plans are in a question-and-answer session.

CN: Start by talking about what your plans are for tomorrow, and just how excited you are to sign with Iowa State.

Jason Fiacco: I don't really know what to expect, since this is the first time I've gone through it. But I'm real excited to become part of the Iowa State family. I've got another player on my team, the left tackle, who is going to Western Michigan. We're going to be signing at the same time at 10:30, then we're going to get the media out there."

CN: What have you and the Cyclone coaching staff spoken about recently, as you prepared to sign?

Fiacco: I've been talking to the coaches a lot lately, and they've been telling me how excited they are. They said this class is going to be one of the better ones that they've had, and that they like all the guys that are coming in.

CN: How was it sitting back and watching this season after committing in August?

Fiacco: I went to the Nebraska game and that was the best atmosphere I've ever seen at a game. It was real exciting when I saw that and knew I could be part of it. We watched the bowl game on TV and that was awesome.

CN: Do you get a feeling just how important a piece you are to the puzzle at ISU?

Fiacco: They made me feel like I was really wanted and stuff. They're real excited about me and say I'm going to help the team a lot. They're just as excited as I am. I'd like to play as early as I can, but I know I'll have to keep working hard. It was the best choice for me to go to Iowa State.

CN: The Cyclones continue to build the foundation of their offense, the line. What does it mean for you to be a part of that?

Fiacco: They've got some good young guys there in the O-line, so I just want to come in early and work with the guys. On my official visit I got to know a lot of the offensive linemen, and they seem like a close group. It will be fun to be a part of that and get the chance to work with them.

Coach Cotton wants me to play center or guard, and could be looking at some early playing time. I'm going to go down there as soon as they want me to this summer.

CN: Looking back on the verbal commitment you gave the coaching staff in August, what were your thoughts at that point and what do you think of the shape the program's in now?

Fiacco: When I committed they had only been 2-10 the year before. A lot of the coaches at other programs that weren't doing so good always talked about how they were rebuilding and would have a good year next year. When I was talking to Coach Mac and the other coaches, when they told me that, I really believed that they could. That shows in just one year and how well they did. I know they have a young team and everything is coming together.

CN: Were there a lot of programs that came in late trying to get you to change your mind?

Fiacco: Yeah, a little bit. I told them right away that I wasn't interested and Iowa State was the place. They couldn't really do anything that could change my mind, because I was totally solid.

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