Urbandale Prep WR 'Contracted'

Urbandale (Ia.) High School wide receiver Levi Kanwischer will be announced as a member of Iowa State's 2005 recruiting class Wednesday afternoon, according to his coach Sam Anderson.

However, Levi Kanwischer will be on a different type of arrangement than the others in this crop of newcomers.

"It's a walk-on deal where they give you a scholarship in two years," said Anderson. "When I talked to Terry (Allen), he said Levi was going to walk on for two years. But they're going to announce him on signing day.

"It's not a national letter-of-intent. It's more like a commitment to the University, and doesn't mean anything to the NCAA. I think it's kind of a way to get kids to walk-on, when they could have gone to UNI."

Cyclone fans may remember a similar type of arrangement with Muscatine (Ia.) wide receiver Michael Main in last year's recruiting class.

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