Fisher Focused on Having Big Spring

Dixie State College offensive lineman Scott Fisher was one of two transfers announced during Wednesday signing day festivities in Ames. The Utah native took some time to discuss the recruiting process and look ahead to his Iowa State career in a visit with

CN: What were some of the biggest factors that led you to pick the Cyclones?

Scott Fisher: It came down to Iowa State being the best schools that had recruited me. I liked the coaches and the young talent they had on this team. In the near future this team is going to be pretty good. There are some talented guys on the team that are young and I'll be able to play with them for the next two years. This is an opportunity for me to step right in and play right away. I didn't want to go some place and be second-string.

CN: What happened with your past Division I stops before ISU?

Fisher: I signed a letter-of-intent for Utah, and then went on a Mormon mission to Chile. When I was down in Chile, some coaches got fired and things got turned around. Paul and I decided to go to Brigham Young and I redshirted there. I just didn't see a future there and came back home to Dixie College. Now I'm here at Iowa State and will have a good chance of playing.

CN: How much of a factor was it for you to remain with your brother Paul?

Fisher: We both talked about it. It's nice to play with family on the team. We wanted to be two good offensive tackles on this team. Plus it's easier on our family, since they don't have to watch two different teams. Walter (Nickel) is also here, so it's all worked out very well. I had no idea I was going to come to Iowa State. There was an open door for me to step right in, and it was the same for my brother and Walter. I'm getting the chance to play with some old teammates.

CN: Go into the decision to head to Ames instead of Madison?

Fisher: In the end it was just Wisconsin and Iowa State. I don't know what it was – I just didn't feel comfortable and see myself playing at Wisconsin. I know I can step in and play right away here.

CN: Who were some of the coaches that recruited you from ISU?

Fisher: The first guy who called me was Tony Alford, and the first coach that I met first-hand was Terry Allen. He came out to practice and told me he was really interested. I really wanted to come out and see the school.

Through high school and J.C., Iowa State was probably one of the best schools that had recruited me. They treated the players really nice and were the greatest guys that I've met out of all the coaches. That was a big thing I looked at, because I wanted to be comfortable with the coaches and be able to talk to them.

CN: Given your maturity and different stops, do you have an edge on some other classmates?

Fisher: I don't know if it makes me more mature necessarily, but it's good to have a lot of experience under the belt when you come to the Big 12. BYU is a good school and have had some great offensive linemen come through, but I didn't see myself playing there. I couldn't just transfer out of that school and didn't want to sit out a year or two, so I went to Dixie. Since I was a local and had watched their games, it was a good fit. I knew that Gordon Jolly had put some offensive linemen in the NFL.

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