Morgan Big 12 Teleconference

Iowa State head coach Wayne Morgan spoke with the conference media on Monday about his team's big victory at Texas on Saturday and game at Nebraska Tuesday in Lincoln. Here is a transcription.

On winning streak lifting expectations:

"We're just taking it one game at a time and understanding that we're only as good as the last win or last loss. It means that if you lose, everybody is dogging you out. It means if you win, you're a hero. They understand that we can't overlook anybody. The kids have a feeling that they're playing good and may have a feeling of resurgence. I think it's a big thing they have that feeling we can stop people defensively."

On defense helping in the turnaround:

"Going back to the Oklahoma game, our defense could be attributed to everything. Once they saw that they realized we have to feed off our defense. That's the type of team we are. We can't outscore people and drop 100 on them. We have to get some stops and as a result of those stops get some steals and more opportunities."

On locker room and plane trip was like Saturday:

"The locker room was probably one of the most jubilant locker rooms I have ever seen. I had a feeling of absolute pure joy. It was a great win and everybody was happy for themselves as well as Jared Homan. He had never won a Big 12 road game in his four-year career and really wanted to win one badly. In 1987 we beat North Carolina in New Orleans to go to the Final Four, and I was probably just as happy as that."

On easy explanations for how road losing streak built up:

"I don't think there is any easy explanation. The best explanation is the program had the 1999-2000 and 2000-01 seasons where we were excellent and won a lot of games on the road. Coach Eustachy did a terrific job. The next year, the team just wasn't as talented and it's difficult to win on the road in this league.

"If you look at most of the home teams in this league, and the good ones like Kansas, Oklahoma State, and Texas, they don't hardly ever lose at home. I think they said Texas had won 41 of their last 42 home games, and I know Oklahoma State has a tremendous record. We have a great home record. So if you go in and don't have a really good team that's experienced and can battle, it's really difficult to win on the road."

On Aaron Agnew's transition to playing in Big 12:

"It's a process. The first part of the process for Aaron is getting his weight down. At one point he had it down to 358 pounds and I know he's like 370 now. When he came in here he was over 400. We've been working with him. He made a good point – it's hard to keep your weight down when we're playing two games a week and he doesn't really get to play.

"It's also a process of learning how to play the speed we play and compete at the level we compete. He's getting better at it. If he ever gets those two things, he will be an extremely imposing player. When he and Jared get after each other in practice, Jared can't do anything with him but bounce off of him like a pinball."

On Tasheed Carr's offensive explosion in Texas:

"He has always had confidence that he could score, nobody could stop him, and that he's good. He was making some freshmen mistakes at the start of the year. I'd be talking to him and he told me he knew he could play and had absolute confidence and that those shots would go in.

"He's really got things in perspective. Although I think he holds himself in a proper esteem, I don't think he has a big head. He's used to having a lot of success and has had success before. He was the point guard on a 29-1 Mount Zion team a year ago, plus he had a lot of success in Philadelphia."

On if team now has added confidence playing on the road:

"I don't know, but I will say that we feel good in ourselves, have some confidence, and probably feel that if we play well we can win. We know Nebraska is a very good team and has done well. They've got a good team and we've got our hands full, but we feel like we can go battle and if we get some things right we've got a good chance."

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