Fennelly Big 12 Teleconference

Iowa State coach Bill Fennelly met with the media Tuesday morning on a Big 12 teleconference. He spoke about his team's recent struggles on the road, and the team's need to bounce back in time for Wednesday's game with Oklahoma State. Here is a transcription.

On closing down practice Monday and Tuesday:

"The attention to detail that it takes to be a good team in this league. It kind of let us refocus on the things that have made us a good team over the entire season and not what we showed last week. I'm trying to get them to understand that.

"Everyone goes through tough weeks in life and you've got to bounce back from it. If we dwell on the past it's going to continue. It's time to show what we can do. We were a pretty good team against Texas a week ago."

On his frustrations after the Nebraska loss Saturday:

"I really felt that we didn't do the things that we've been coached to do, and that's my responsibility to get them to understand that. It was one of the few games since I've been at Iowa State that they didn't respond to what I had to say to them and what we needed to do.

"It's not always about winning and losing, it's an approach to practice and games. It's a belief in what the program is all about. We didn't show that at all Saturday. I really felt that was something that set us back and needed to be corrected."

On this being tough time in season for teams:

"No question. When you lose you don't want to lose by a large margin, but you've seen it happen a lot here in the last couple weeks in this league. Good teams, bad teams, whatever you want to call them. It's a grinding year. A lot of teams hit that wall a little bit, whether it's on the road. We're all running into teams playing with a great sense of urgency, so you combine that with being a little fatigued.

"Teams have really responded at home – Nebraska against us, Oklahoma against K-State, and Texas against Nebraska. They played with a great sense of urgency and understanding of where they are in the standings. Those must-win games are starting to pop up more and more on people's schedules."

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