Duluth's Johnson: ISU Shoots Up List

Duluth East forward Cory Johnson spent last weekend in Ames and this weekend reaching the 2,000-point barrier in Minnesota high school hoops. Johnson spoke with CycloneNation.com about his visit to Ames and gave an update on how his season is going.

CN: What were some of your thoughts about the unofficial visit to Iowa State?

Cory Johnson:: It thought it was really good. I had a good time. It was pretty fun to meet the 1984-85 team. The game was a lot of fun and it was a great environment. That was the first time I really sat down and talked to Coach Morgan, and I was really impressed with what he had to say.

CN: Did you get any kind of ‘recruiting pitch' from the Cyclone coaches?

Johnson:: Coach Morgan said I was their number one guy for the Class of 2006. He doesn't guarantee starting spots or anything, but he'd like to see me get in the mix as a freshman and get on the court. A lot of it's my decision, too, and how much time I put into my game between now and then. How much I improve and things could happen. Time will tell.

CN: Has Coach Morgan or any of the assistants traveled to Minnesota to watch you play?

Johnson:: Coach Morgan came up to a practice and Coach Archibald came up during the spring to watch me work out. They've been up here. I also went down to Ames last summer to scrimmage against their team, which was really a lot of fun. That was the first time I had ever been to Iowa State for an unofficial visit. I'll probably be down again to see the campus. I have very high interest in them.

CN: Have the Cyclones shot up your list since you returned from the trip?

Johnson:: I don't really have a list, but they did. I got down there to see a game. Before that I didn't really know much about them. They're definitely going to be there in the end; that's for sure. I like the place. We'll see what happens in the end.

CN: What other schools are high on your list right now?

Johnson:: I would hate to say that, because I'm not a guy who has a list. There are schools that I talk to a lot, have told me a lot of great things, and I've been to their campus. Then there are schools that I don't know much about that I would like to see. So I would hate to list schools.

CN: Finally, tell us a little bit about your team's season and how you've done individually?

Johnson:: Right now we are 19-4. I'm averaging 27 ½ points and around 10 rebounds a game. I'm shooting a good field-goal percentage. But we're doing well as a team and hopefully we'll make a great run to the state tournament and maybe a championship. That's been our goal from day one.

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