Morgan Big 12 Teleconference

Iowa State head coach Wayne Morgan spoke with the conference media on Monday about his team's upcoming matchup with Baylor on Thursday in the Big 12 Tournament. Here is a transcription.

On whether his team has played itself into NCAAs:

"I'm not in a position to make a judgement like that. We have played well and won nine out of 11 games. We beat four teams that are in the top 25. But we've lost some games, so I'd like to play well against Baylor."

On being team with something to gain in Kansas City:

"I don't look at it like that. I don't sit around and make prognostications. I don't sit down and guess. I don't try to be clairvoyant about the other teams and any lack of success. I don't try to think about what the selection committee is thinking. I can only take it one game at a time and one day at a time. I've got to figure out what we're doing."

On winning four games in four days:

"It's very tough. The teams that might have the best chance to (win out) are Kansas, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma, because they have good depth. If you've only got six or seven guys that you play, playing four days in a row at a high level of competition, you can get worn down. If you can play nine or 10 guys with experience, they have a better chance.

"With that being said, I'll also say that anything is possible. It takes a lot of determination and heart out of a team on any given day. It takes the proper mindset when you come out of the locker room."

On first-round matchup with Baylor:

"I think that we had a really good game here against Baylor, but I also think they were at a point in their schedule where they were a very tired team. We'll get a much better game in Kansas City. Scott Drew has done an outstanding job. Aaron Bruce is a terrific freshman, and they have some other good players. Tim Bush is very good. Patrick Fields can really shoot the ball. Tommy Swanson is a really good inside player. They have some weapons and we'll have to come to play to have an opportunity to win."

On balance of Big 12 Conference:

"Top to bottom, I think we have the best conference in the country. You take our top two or three teams and put them against the top two or three teams in those other conferences, they might or might not win all those games. But if you put all 12 of our teams against 12 teams from another conference, I think we'd win a majority of those games.

"There is a lot of parity in our conference, especially when you have Missouri beat Kansas and Texas winning at Oklahoma State. Every team in this league has beaten somebody that on paper they shouldn't beat. There are a lot of good teams in this league, and on any given night anybody in this league could beat anybody else."

On health of his team going into tournament:

"We're as tired and nicked up as everybody else. We've got Curtis Stinson playing with a completely torn ligament in his left hand. Different guys have their bumps and bruises, but every single team going into the tournament has that. Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas. They all have their aches and pains."

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