ISU vs Baylor Postgame Quotebook

Wayne Morgan:

"It can be sometimes, but one of the things we've had to do in terms of growing as a team is sustaining your level of play and intensity even when you do get a big lead. You need to still play the same."

"Obviously we have a great deal of respect for Coach Knight and know he's had time to prepare. You can only imagine the various things that he's going to use that we haven't had a chance to see. We have to prepare for their personnel more than for what they're going to do in a situation like this. It's going to be a very good game tomorrow."

"I think the kids gave a very good answer. We hope we've done enough to get into that tournament, but right now we're in this tournament. We've got to concentrate on this one. We're not in a position to make the other decisions or know what's going on, so the best way that we can help ourselves is by playing well in this tournament."

"Our offense helped our defense and our defense helped our offense. We shot the ball well, which got us into our press. Getting into our press enables us to get some steals early. Both helped the other."

"We're first looking to maintain our intensity throughout, because it's critical not to let that drop off. Whether it's defensive or offensive execution, you want to accomplish the things that are within the framework of your game plan."

"I thought that our starters played a good amount of minutes. But we were able to rest them more going down the stretch and got some guys intermittent rest during the game. Hopefully we will have fresh legs tomorrow."

"To beat a team like Texas Tech, you're going to have to execute in every aspect of the game. You have to play good defense, accomplish things defensively, execute on offense in order to score, and then we certainly have to rebound the ball. We're going to have to do everything."

Jared Homan:

"They'll be ready to play. They've had a couple days off, so they'll be rested. We just played. I wouldn't say we're tired, but I think we got a little game-time experience and hopefully we're sharper. We've got to build on that win we had against Texas Tech at home, look at the film, and try to do the same things."

"When we got up 17-0, I think it was more about us coming out determined wanting to win this game. I think Baylor might have been a little surprised. We were more determined tonight and worked well as a team to get them out of the game early, so they wouldn't have a chance to win."

"(Aaron) Bruce is a very good player and we knew he was very capable of hitting 3-pointers, especially against our zone. We had to make sure we cheated out to him and played him a couple steps over the 3-point line. He's one of their better players and we had to keep him in check."

Curtis Stinson:

"It was huge for us, because you don't have that much time to warm up. To come out in a tournament like that and hit shots is big for us. That leads to great defense. We helped them 12 possessions without scoring and that helped us get going."

"There is a comfort zone in there somewhere, but you have to keep playing. It's two halves. There have been times where we were down that much and came back. You never give up. We wanted to play both halves like the beginning of the game."

"He played great. As a freshman that's big-time. He came in and played with a lot of confidence. I'm happy for him; he played great. He hit the glass and made shots. When he and Tasheed are playing well it opens the game up for everybody."

Rahshon Clark:

"I came into the game with the mindset that I was going to make every single shot that I took. It was a very big shot and it got me and my team ready. That's when we put the pressure on and doing what we needed to do.

"Hitting shots builds up your confidence, so that you start playing harder and doing extra things. You start doing big things and that's what happened today."

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