Terrance Highsmith Spring Q&A

Iowa State's Terrance Highsmith is returning to the spot he's most comfortable this spring. The former JUCO transfer quarterback from Fort Scott (Kan.) is moving back after giving wide receiver a shot last season. Highsmith spoke on the change after the Cyclones concluded their opening day of spring ball Wednesday.

CN: You're kind of reversing course a little bit this spring, moving back to quarterback. What do you think about the change?

Terrance Highsmith: I feel comfortable with it. I'm a firm believer that sometimes change is good. The coaching staff, Coach Mac and the rest of the coaches feel that was the best move to make for me as a player to help this team. My main goal is to help this team in whatever way I can. I'm a little familiar with quarterback and wide receiver, so I feel comfortable with both. I'm just here to do whatever I can.

CN: Did you get enough reps at quarterback in training camp last year to make this a smoother transition?

Highsmith: I think the transition will probably be easier than when I moved from quarterback to receiver. I actually ran the routes and know where everything is supposed to be, as far as the routes and timing. The main thing for me is to get back into the quarterback mindset and knowing everything, as opposed to just pieces of information.

CN: Your main competition obviously is Bret Meyer, who returns as the starting quarterback, and is just a redshirt sophomore. As a player entering your final year, what kind of approach are you taking to this situation?

Highsmith: The main objective is to always compete, no matter what happens. There is no telling what could happen. You've got to go in there thinking that you're trying to earn a spot, which everybody is. You can't go in with the mindset that the position is filled, because you won't be able to progress as a player.

CN: Is it safe to say quarterback is your favorite position anyway, since you played it in high school and in college at North Carolina and Fort Scott?

Highsmith: I would say so, because I've invested a lot of time in it. Anytime you've put a lot of time into something, you feel more attached to that position or attached to something in life. I feel like I'm well rounded at that position and know a little more. It should come a little easier to me.

CN: Do you feel like this is a permanent move?

Highsmith: Like my life, I take it one day at a time. I do what the sign says. If they tell me that they want me to move back to receiver, that's what I'm going to do. The first day of spring practice I went in there as a quarterback. I was still back on punt returns, so they're trying me at other things. As of today, I'm a quarterback.

CN: So this move won't affect your potential role on special teams?

Highsmith: It hasn't at all as far as returns. I'm first on the depth chart at punt returns and second on kickoff returns. But there is nothing set in stone.

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