Austin Flynn Spring Q&A

Iowa State's Austin Flynn is planning to be around Ames for a couple more years, and is excited about the change that has him moving from quarterback to wide receiver this spring. Flynn spoke on the position move after the Cyclones concluded their first practice on Wednesday.

CN: With the recent change in position, what is your outlook for this spring?

Austin Flynn: It's different. I'm on the outside looking in, instead of the inside looking out. I'm excited about it. I thought the first day went well. I thought I caught pretty well, but my blocking probably needs work. I'll keep learning every day. I'm having fun with it. For now we'll just see how it goes.

CN: I would imagine the learning curve is a little different, since you already have a firm grasp of the offense.

Flynn: That's my advantage. I know where everyone is supposed to go. I know who is on the ball and who is off the ball. Now it's just a matter of knowing exactly who to block, or exactly what route to run. It still takes some getting used to, but I'm sure I'll work it out over time.

CN: What has been the biggest adjustment thus far?

Flynn: The hardest part is trying to stock block someone. Trying to go up there, run up on a corner, sit there, and block him. He's trying to fake you out and you're trying to block him to let the running back break it. That's the biggest adjustment I'm going to have to make. But other than that I feel pretty good and comfortable. I still feel somewhat athletic. But the blocking will be the biggest thing.

CN: Do you envision yourself as another Todd Miller, a zone breaker that worked the middle of the defense?

Flynn: Yes, exactly. I think the coaches kind of have different positions for me to work on at first, just to see what I can handle. I'm not sure exactly what they're thinking. They want me on the field and are giving me every opportunity, which is all I can ask for. I have to prove to them that I can handle it.

CN: In your mind, is this a full-time move?

Flynn: As far as I know, and as far as they're thinking, I think it's a full-time deal. Hopefully it doesn't happen, but if Bret did go back and if they need me to come back, then I'd definitely do it to help this team.

CN: So all of the talk about you transferring can finally end, right?

Flynn: Yes, exactly. A lot of it was other people saying stuff. I won't say I never thought about it. I was down on myself for not winning the position. I never give up and never give in. There is something here for me. If that is receiver, and hopefully it is, then so be it. But a lot of the talk was outside and not even me. A lot of people came up to me and asked that question. It wasn't me going up to them. It was talk more than anything.

CN: Iowa State must still be a good fit off the field as well as on.

Flynn: I love it here. I love the place. I love Ames. The main reason was just the guys on this team. I think we are close. That was my biggest reason for not even worrying about it. I couldn't leave these guys. We have a great core here. I really look up to guys like Nik Moser, a senior.

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