Nick Frere Spring Q&A

Former Muscatine prep Nick Frere is tackling the difficult task of playing a starting role after redshirting the previous season. The first-team SAM linebacker has held the spot since spring opened last week and would like to hold onto it between now and the start of training camp.

CN: How have you been able to emerge so quickly this spring as the starting SAM linebacker after redshirting last season?

Frere:: I'm still learning the position, but had a good guy to learn from last year in Erik Anderson. This spring has been a little bit easier because of that, and getting down all of the checks. The first few practices have gone pretty well.

CN: Anderson was a tough, hard-nosed player. Are you a similar type of person?

Frere:: Yeah. He had a great work ethic and just lifting with him most days during the season I could see how hard he worked and tried. He gave everything he had. I try to model myself after that.

CN: What has been the biggest adjustment for you the past week?

Frere:: The biggest adjustment for me is that I'm expected to step in and fight for this position. Last season they put the redshirt on me and I wasn't expected to come in and play. Just getting ready to fight for that position and get ready for the fall to start is the biggest thing.

CN: This has to be a pretty exciting time for you, though, being an Iowa guy coming in and getting an early opportunity to start.

Frere:: It's great being here. Just being around all the guys here, they have the great Iowa hard work ethic. It's nice to be around those type of guys.

I should get a pretty good chance to play this fall, whether it's on special teams or linebacker. But first I have to know where all my help is and my other players are. Once you know the entire defense, it's a lot easier to learn one position out of that.

CN: Have you always been at SAM linebacker, or was that a position you were moved to last fall?

Frere:: During camp the first couple practices I was at WILL and then they moved me to SAM. They figured I had a better chance to play there. I welcomed the idea of playing early.

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