Tyler Lorenzen Spring Q&A

The quarterback position at Iowa State will likely be manned by Bret Meyer for the next three seasons. Others in the depth chart like walk-on Tyler Lorenzen decided it was best to try a new position. The 6-foot-5, 225-pounder did just that in bowl practices and made the two-deep in time for spring ball. Lorenzen talked about the move in a question-and-answer session.

CN: What has the transition from quarterback to tight end been like?

Tyler Lorenzen: It's been a lot of fun. It's extremely different. I'm looking to have the best chance to get on the field and play Cyclone football. That's what I came here to do. I'll play any position just to get on the field.

CN: How did the position change take place? Was it your idea, the coaching staff's idea, or both?

Lorenzen: This past season I was a scout team player and we had a number of quarterbacks that played on the scout team. I went in at receiver to help those guys out and give them a break. I ran around and caught the ball. They asked if I had ever thought about playing tight end. I tried it out at bowl practices and enjoyed. From there I just went with it.

CN: You put up some pretty good numbers at quarterback in high school, and there has to be some amount of pride with playing the position. Was it difficult for you to give up a spot that you had invested a lot of time in over the years?

Lorenzen: Being a quarterback was always something. It's about being a leader. That was my biggest concern – how can you lead from a tight end perspective? Once you get to this level, can get on the field, and have a chance at playing, you want to give yourself the best chance. Bret Meyer has done a great job here. It was the right thing to do and I'm happy I did it.

CN: Right now you seem to be specializing in catching passes down the field. What other areas will need some work between now and fall camp?

Lorenzen: Blocking. I've been playing quarterback all my life and have never really had to do it, except for on reverses. It's coming along. I've had five practices to learn what I'm doing, learning all the steps, and learning the language of blocking. I'm having to understand the game from a different perspective. Coach Allen has been helping me out a lot.

CN: Give us an idea of where you'd like to be this fall, weight-wise?

Lorenzen: I want to put on weight, lean muscle mass, and keep my speed. The goal is to get up to 230 or 235 pounds, which is 15 pounds from now. It's a big goal but do-able.

CN: I remember watching you play quarterback during summer padded camp. What other opportunities did you have coming out of high school?

Lorenzen: I had some other options, but my heart was at Iowa State and always has been since I was a little kid. I came up here, talked to the coaches, and it felt like home. When you find somewhere that feels like home, you want to go there. Another huge factor was my sister, who plays volleyball at Iowa State. You can't pass up spending another four years of your life with your sister.

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