Fabian Dodd Spring Q&A

The Cyclones' first-team right guard Fabian Dodd knows time is running out on a college career that started four years ago as a defensive lineman at Iowa. The 6-foot-3, 310-pounder is a man on a mission this spring and wants to earn more playing time in his final season in Ames.

CN: How much easier has this spring been now that you've had a year to play offensive guard?

Fabian Dodd:: I would say it's more comfortable for me than two-a-days was. Just making the move from defensive line to offensive line in the summer was hard. We went through a season and it's a matter of doing it. I'm comfortable with the plays and am a lot better off than I was.

CN: What was the biggest adjustment for you during that time?

Dodd:: I think it was the mental approach. On defense you have a gap and go there. You can mess up, but as long as you chase the quarterback down and make the tackle it's a good play. On offense if you miss a step or something, the whole play is over. Technical and mental errors were the biggest transition.

CN: In your mind, was the move for the best?

Dodd:: I think that I'm a better offensive lineman than defensive lineman, because I'm more comfortable in the style of play. When I was a defensive lineman, I was a power guy that came off the ball wanting to push you back. That's what they're looking for on offense – a guy that will blow somebody off the ball.

CN: Heading into your senior year, are you approaching the next nine months with the mindset that time's running out and your back's against the wall?

Dodd:: I wouldn't say ‘back against the wall,' but this year is my final time. I know a lot of guys that graduated college and some went on to play and some didn't. I know the pressure. My cousin played and went on to get a job. He told me to give it all I got, otherwise when you're done you'll feel horrible. My approach is to give it all I got and whatever happens happens.

CN: You've been running first-team at guard since spring opened last week. Has that given you some confidence to perform?

Dodd:: Yeah. Running with the ones is different than playing with the twos, because everything is quicker and you know you'd better get your assignment because the coach expects more from the ones. You also expect more from yourself. You've got to put that much more effort into playing better.

CN: What will you need to do over the summer to put yourself in better position for playing time?

Dodd:: I would say just getting in better physical shape, and getting to know the plays better so I will avoid the mental errors I make from time to time.

CN: Has your experience at Iowa State been a good one?

Dodd:: I've enjoyed my time here and get along with the coaches.

CN: It was kind of a different move for a college athlete, in that you moved from one in-state school to another with a stop at an Iowa junior college in between.

Dodd:: Iowa and Iowa State are both good schools. I'm much more at home and comfortable here than I was at Iowa, just by the surroundings. There are more distractions there than here, so I have a chance to better focus on football and my classwork. I'm right on schedule to graduate next spring.

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