Cyclone Spring Practice Report 6

Although he's spent just two days at a new position on defense, redshirt freshman Adam Carper is making his presence known. The Clarinda native wasted no time shooting up the depth chart at SAM linebacker after moving from safety on Wednesday.

"Adam Carper really did a nice job in the first scrimmage on Wednesday," said Dan McCarney. "He established himself in one scrimmage as the guy to beat out right now. He had been playing well at safety and we made the move. He's running one at SAM starting tomorrow."

In doing so, Carper overtook fellow redshirt freshman Nick Frere, who had occupied the position since the start of spring drills. Just how impressive has Carper been in two workouts? So much so that McCarney is already talking about the move being one that sticks.

"He's athletic, fast, tough, and is one of those guys that has a real knack for the ball," ISU's head coach said. "I'm very encouraged with him. Much like Austin Flynn's, that could be a permanent move that we really like. That could be where his future is for the next four years."

The Cyclones wrapped up an abbreviated sixth practice on Friday. The focus was on Saturday's full scrimmage and a coaches clinic that began Friday at Noon.

McCarney estimates between 350 and 400 coaches will be on hand for this weekend's annual event.

"We took a full hour, 30 minutes on offense and 30 minutes on defense, and did demonstrations for the coaches clinic that began at Noon today," he said. "We took our six individual periods and demonstrated, talked about the techniques, and what we're trying to teach. It was a real good atmosphere and learning situation for the coaches that are here.

"Then we got our two-minute installation in, because we're going to do it live in scrimmage tomorrow. Then it was our normal work on the punt game, inside, 7-on-7, and team pass. It wasn't a marathon practice, and there were some good things and bad things.'

Saturday's scrimmage will be the biggest to date and could settle a few position battles. McCarney said seven positions in the two-deep have players on the same lines, something he would like to get cleared up in the intra-squad battle.

"We're going to get all over the place and have some series with six plays minimum, where they could also get as many as 12 or 13," McCarney said. "We will have short yardage and goal-line. I'll give the offense a 40-yard field. We'll have a two-minute drill, then also get a lot of kicking game in.

"Most of the other positions are about where they've been. We've got about some positions that we have two guys on the same line. Hopefully we can eliminate some of that tomorrow based on performance and evaluation."

A trio of players are expected to miss the scrimmage, however.

Safety Nik Moser (shoulder), offensive lineman Scott Stephenson (shoulder), and offensive lineman Kody Kuehl (appendectomy) will be held out of competition. The good news is that linebacker Tim Dobbins has returned to practice after suffering a leg injury last week.

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