Ryan Kock Spring Q&A

With the fullback position becoming an endangered species in the Iowa State offense, Ryan Kock wanted to try something different this spring. The first-team fullback has been doing double duty at defensive end. He spoke about the move in a question-and-answer session.

CN: How are you liking defensive end?

Ryan Kock: I like it. It's a good change.

CN: Are you comfortable with it?

Kock: I've never played it before, so it's a learning process and taking a little while right now. It's a little different having someone right across from you, instead of being five yards off the ball every time.

CN: What are the main things you've had to pick up?

Kock: I'm just basically trying to pick up the alignment now, and getting in the right spot to start the play. Then I'm trying to read who I'm supposed to read. Just moving around is the hardest part.

CN: How much time are you still playing fullback?

Kock: When they put in the goal-line and short yardage for the offense I'll go over there and get in my plays. That's all pretty familiar by now. I just need to rep it a few times and then get the plays in.

CN: How did the position change take place? Was it your idea, the coaches', or both?

Kock: It was kind of mutual. They came to me right before spring ball and asked if I'd like to try something a little bit different in practice and see if it works out. I was all for it. Any chance you get to help the team and get on the field a few more snaps is worth it. I'm trying to roll with it right now.

Iowa State head coach Dan McCarney on Kock: We're still using them in short yardage and goal-line, but we're just not doing a lot of two-back out on the field. It's a lot more one-back. Ryan Kock is still our starting fullback and has played any time we've scrimmaged. But we're also looking at Ryan over on defense to get him on the field more. He wants to play more and we want him to. We've got to get him bigger and stronger to help us there. But it's a good move for him.

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