Jon Davis Spring Q&A

Iowa State's leading receiver in 2004 is back for another year of spring ball, but it hasn't been the same without his cohort Todd Blythe. But Davis says the Cyclones' other players have stepped up in Blythe's absence. Davis spoke on a variety of subjects in a question-and-answer session.

CN: What are your thoughts on the wide receiving corps as a whole?

Jon Davis: We're kind of short on people right now with Todd (Blythe) being out for a little bit. We've got a lot of running to do, but other than that we're doing pretty well. Austin Flynn has come in and made a nice impact. We knew he was a good athlete, but we didn't expect him to do what he's done so far. That's helped us out a lot.

CN: What does Flynn bring to the table as a wideout?

Davis: Coming in as a quarterback he can read defenses a whole lot earlier than we can. He sees the defenses more often. We've got him running more of the routes where you've got to find holes. He can get in there as an inside receiver and find the holes. That's opened things up on the outside.

CN: Coach McCarney characterized the passing game as ‘sloppy' in Saturday's scrimmage. What was your take?

Davis: A lot of things didn't go right. We didn't complete too many passes. We didn't get too many off to throw. It was not a good Saturday.

CN: What improvements have you tried to make in your game this spring?

Davis: I've tried to concentrate on being more aggressive when it comes to blocking. We've done an alright job of catching the ball, but need to be more aggressive in blocking and finishing off our blocks. That's what we've focused on the most.

CN: How is it not having Todd Blythe on the other side of the formation this spring?

Davis: It's a little different just because he's not the guy right next to me. We have a feel for each other and what we're going to do. Other than that, the other receivers that have come in like R.J. (Sumrall) and Flynn have done a really good job of stepping up.

CN: If you had to put a number or percentage on it, how confident are you that Todd will be ready to go for the opener?

Davis: I would probably say 80 or 90 percent. You never know just because it's an ACL. But so far he's doing a pretty good job.

CN: Have you two gotten closer during the whole rehab process?

Davis: He was down right when it happened. But he's a high spirited guy, so it doesn't really take much for him to get over stuff. After it happened he was pretty much fine not too long after. He didn't really need that much encouragement.

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