Johannes Egbers Spring Q&A

A fifth-year senior in Iowa State's program, Johannes Egbers has certainly put in his time. His hard work and dedication is certainly paying dividends, too, since he's held his own against highly touted JUCO transfer Scott Fisher. Egbers spoke with about his spring.

CN: What are some areas you've been working on throughout the spring?

Johannes Egbers: The different coaches want different things and they're little things like technique. After having a year to spend with Coach Cotton, things are definitely improving.

CN: Is your approach pretty similar to his?

Egbers: Yes, definitely. I like to be physical.

CN: What would it mean to you to gain a spot in a game day rotation on the offensive line?

Egbers: I've definitely been here a while. You don't stay around this long to stand on the sidelines. You're here to play. That's what my ultimate goal is – to be out there helping the team win.

CN: Did you walk on as a true freshman or did you join the program later?

Egbers: Yes, and then I redshirted. This is my fifth year in the program.

CN: What other opportunities did you have coming out of high school?

Egbers: This was the only school I even applied for, because of the Engineering program. I was set in my mind that I was coming here. My high school coach told me that I could play football up there. I didn't really know if I could or not, but gave it a shot. At that time I was 220 pounds and just a tight end. But I put on the weight and went to O-line.

CN: Do you finally feel you're in position to make the next move five years later?

Egbers: I've been doing everything I can physically to put myself in a position to be here. I've taken the necessary steps.

CN: Has the addition of a Scott Fisher pushed you even harder this spring?

Egbers: You've got to play with a little bit of fear, always looking over your shoulder. He's definitely been pushing me. If I mess up I know he's right there ready to take my spot. I've got to keep myself motivated and keep playing hard.

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