Cyclone Spring Practice Report 13

Iowa State's final padded tune-up before Saturday's spring game went well for both sides of the ball. Both the fans and media watching the open practice saw a preview of things to come this fall, as quarterback Bret Meyer put on a display. Cyclone head coach Dan McCarney analyzed Wednesday's workout afterwards.

CN: How about some comments on today's practice?

Dan McCarney: It was a good solid finish. This was our last day in pads until Saturday, so like always it was kind of competitive. We've been going a long hard spring and have some guys beat up that are still practicing out here. It's been a lot of scrimmaging, hitting, and very physical. We had a competitive practice again and another evaluation.

CN: Were you a little concerned with the pass protection on offense today? It seemed that Bret Meyer was running for his life a lot.

McCarney: That isn't all bad when you've got one of the best running quarterbacks in college football. We've not let him do a lot of that this spring, but other defenses will have to worry about it a lot next fall. He's one of the best runners we have on the team. It was good to see him do a little out there tonight.

If the coverage is there, that's what we want him to do. If you've got a five-flat quarterback that can't move his feet and make people miss, you're hoping he's going to throw it. But that guy is one of the most elusive guys we have on this team. He's stronger than he ever was last year and makes guys miss.

CN: Is that a sign for the fall?

McCarney: Bret is going to cause problems for a defense down here, because he can throw it. When things get covered down, he can pull it and give us an extra dimension. You saw him make a couple real good runs down in the red zone.

CN: Since the team didn't scrimmage today, what did you see in the inside drills?

McCarney: We want a tempo, we want physicalness, and it's nothing fancy. We get in there and run about five or six base plays, and two or three defensive fronts. It's toughness, fundamentals, and teaching them to play on their feet. There weren't any superstars, but it was a good segment of practice.

CN: As you close out this year's spring practice, name a few players that have stepped up on the leadership side and may have a chance at being named captain?

McCarney: Besides being one of the best young offensive linemen we've had in the program, (Aaron Brant) is developing into a leader. He's never said anything and just played and taken care of his business. He is starting to emerge. Bret Meyer is emerging. I know one of the best leaders we have on our offense isn't practicing right now, because Todd Blythe was a leader last year as a redshirt freshman.

Tim Dobbins has had a real good spring on the field as a leader. Curve-ball is starting to emerge as a leader, and Matt Robertson has developed. Nick Leaders and Nik Moser are not big ‘holler' guys and don't say much, but they have led by example.

CN: Finally, what did you think about Jason Scales being selected to the 2005 NCAA Leadership Conference at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Lake Buena Vista, Florida?

McCarney: It's a great thing and I'm real proud of him. Almost 1,200 applied and they only picked 324. It's life skills and leadership. He's real good at both of those. He was one of the most mature kids I've ever been around coming out of high school. Now he'll go down and get a chance to be even better.

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