Blythe: Attitude Key in Rehabilitation

It has been a difficult spring for Iowa State's All-Big 12 wide receiver Todd Blythe. After tearing an ACL in his knee during winter workouts, the rising sophomore has had to watch from the sidelines. But spring hasn't been a total waste for Blythe, who has continued his rehabilitation. He spoke with recently about those efforts.

CN: Where are you in the rehabilitation process?

Blythe: I have plenty of time to get back. Basically right now it's up to me and how hard I'm willing to work. If I'm willing to come in every day and grind out the squats, jumps, and just get my legs back into shape. The ACL heals in plenty of time and then it's up to me whether I want to get the strength back and be ready to go in the fall.

CN: Has it been difficult for you to watch spring practice?

Blythe: It's hard every day going out there and watching. I guess it's something you've got to get used to, but I haven't yet. I don't think I'll ever get used to sitting around watching practice when you're injured. But Coach McGettigan keeps me busy on the sidelines, so it's not like I'm just sitting out there watching. He does a good job of making me hurt everyday. He's working my upper body on the sidelines to get ready for next year and make me stronger.

CN: How were you able to put yourself on the current path of being far ahead of schedule?

Blythe: I talked to Mark Coberley, Coach Mac, and Coach Grant. It happened and there's nothing you can do about it. Injuries happen. It's just another hurdle I have to overcome. I went in there and got it fixed, then I wanted to get after this rehab as hard as they'd let me do it. My attitude right now is what's gotten me to this point and what will keep me going and get me ready for the fall. As long as I stay positive, keep hitting this rehab, and not get down on myself, I think I'll be just fine.

CN: Have you set any dates for when you might start running, cutting, and playing in any live drills in summer workouts?

Blythe: No. I'm sure Coberley has some dates set. He hasn't really told me that stuff. He keeps me updated, as far as what I'm doing this week and things like that. He doesn't want me to get ahead of myself and start thinking about other things. The way it feels right now, I feel like I can go out, run around, and cut. There is no pain and it feels strong. Running up stairs it feels fine. More than anything, they've got to pull back on the reins and make sure I'm not doing anything stupid.

CN: How does your knee feel in the mornings?

Blythe: Surprisingly, he told me it would be real sore and stiff in the mornings. But I haven't had to deal with that. I've been real fortunate that I haven't had pain or swelling that a lot of guys go through. I wake up and it feels pretty normal in the morning. By the time I get up and walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth, it feels normal.

CN: Are you doing more work right now than even at the beginning of spring practice?

Blythe: A lot more. Right after my surgery I was just sitting there doing things like flexing my quad for 10 seconds and then relaxing, then working on some mobility. Now I've got my mobility back. I was in the weight room (earlier this week) doing squats, jump rope, single-leg squats, and single-leg jumps. It's just a whole bunch of stuff we weren't even close to a week ago.

CN: How did the injury happen, again?

Blythe: It happened in the indoor during off-season workouts. We were doing 7-on-7 and I got twisted up with one of our DBs. I don't remember who it was. It was somebody.

CN: So you expect to be back by the season opener?

Blythe: Oh yeah. I'll be good to go. Don't worry about me, guys.

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