2005 KXNO NFL Mock Draft

For those of you boning up on the NFL draft this weekend, check out this transcript of yesterday's mock draft show on Deace in the Afternoon on 1460-KXNO. We lined up team reporters from across the country to come on the air and project what the first round might look like on Saturday.

Please note this was done before Denver traded the 25th pick in the first round to Washington.

1. San Francisco

Selected by: Dan Arkush

Media outlet: Pro Football Weekly (www.profootballweekly.com)

The pick: Aaron Rodgers (QB-California)

Comment: Arkush believes the 49ers will break off negotiations with Tom Condon later this week and settle on the local college star.

2. Miami

Selected by: Alan Poupart

Media outlet: Dolphins Digest (www.dolphins.scout.com)

The pick: Ronnie Brown (RB-Auburn)

Comment: Poupart believes there is a better than 50-50 chance the Dolphins will actually trade down.

3. Cleveland

Selected by: Barry McBride

Media Outlet: Bernie's Insiders (www.browns.scout.com)

The pick: Alex Smith (QB-Utah

Comment: McBride doesn't believe this will actually be the pick and that Smith will already be off the board.

4. Chicago

Selected by: Jason Klabacha

Media outlet: Bear Report (www.bears.scout.com)

The pick: Braylon Edwards (WR-Michigan)

Comment: Klabacha says the Bears will take the best offensive skill player available.

5. Tampa Bay

Selected by: Ryan Wesner

Media outlet: WTAN Radio

The pick: Mike Williams (WR-USC)

Comment: Wesner thinks that if the Buccaneers don't trade up to get Smith they'll take the best wide receiver available.

6. Tennessee

Selected by: Corey Coon (Your friendly neighborhood Titans fan)

Media outlet: KXNO Radio (www.kxno.com)

The pick: Antrel Rolle (CB/S-Miami, Fla.)

Comment: Coon was crushed that he couldn't reunite Mike Williams with Norm Chow in Nashville.

7. Minnesota (from Oakland)

Selected by: Tim Yotter

Media outlet: Viking update (www.vikings.scout.com)

The pick: Derrick Johnson (LB-Texas)

Comment: Yotter doesn't believe the media reports that say the Vikings will trade up for Braylon Edwards.

8. Arizona

Selected by: Lane Adkins

Media outlet: The NFLexperts.com (www.nfldraft.scout.com)

The pick: Cedric Benson (RB-Texas)

Comment: Adkins says the Cardinals will take the best running back available here.

9. Washington

Selected by: John Keim

Media outlet: Warpath Insiders (www.redskins.scout.com)

The pick: Adam "Pac Man" Jones (CB-West Virginia)

Comment: Keim predicts the Redskins will not trade out of this spot and take the best cornerback available.

10. Detroit

Selected by: Steve Deace (Central Iowa's biggest Lions fan)

Media outlet: KXNO (www.kxno.com)

The pick: Shawne Merriman (DE-Maryland)

Comment: Deace thinks the Lions will take the best defensive playmaker on the board.

11. Dallas

Selected by: Roy Philpot

Media outlet: The Ranch Report (www.cowboys.scout.com)

The pick: DeMarcus Ware (OLB-Troy)

Comment: Philpot says the Cowboys are looking for speed on defense with this selection.

12. San Diego (from N.Y. Giants)

Selected by: Denis Savage

Media outlet: SD Bolt Report (www.chargers.scout.com)

The pick: Troy Williamson (WR-South Carolina)

Comment: Savage says the Chargers had Williamson in on a visit and we're impressed with him.


13. Houston

Selected by: Mike Wilkening

Media outlet: Pro Football Weekly (www.profootballweekly.com)

The pick: Carnell "Cadillac" Williams (RB-Auburn)

Comment: The Texans would be surprised to still see him on the board and take him despite the presence of Domanick Davis.

14. Carolina

Selected by: George Verevkin

Media outlet: Panther Pride (www.panthers.scout.com)

The pick: Jammal Brown (OT-Oklahoma)

Comment: The Panthers take the offensive tackle that is the most polished and most ready to contribute as a rookie.

15. Kansas City

Selected by: Nick Athan

Media outlet: Warpaint Illustrated (www.chiefs.scout.com)

The pick: Carlos Rogers (CB-Auburn)

Comment: Athan says the Chiefs will acquire Patrick Surtain by Friday, but draft the Thorpe Award winner anyway.

16. New Orleans

Selected by: Lane Adkins

Media outlet: The NFLexperts.com (www.nfldraft.scout.com)

The pick: Travis Johnson (DT-Florida State)

Comment: Saints take the consensus top defensive tackle on the board, despite character questions.

17. Cincinnati

Selected by: Chuck Ludwig

Media outlet: Dayton Daily News

The pick: Thomas Davis (S/LB-Georgia)

Comment: According to Ludwig the Bengals would be ecstatic with this selection and make Davis a starter immediately.

18. Minnesota

Selected by: Tim Yotter

Media outlet: Viking Update (www.vikings.scout.com)

The pick: Mark Clayton (WR-Oklahoma)

Comment: The productive and polished Clayton becomes the replacement for Randy Moss.


19. St. Louis

Selected by: Barry Waller

Media outlet: Gridiron Gateway (www.rams.scout.com)

The pick: Alex Barron (OT-Florida State)

Comment: Waller says Barron becomes the instant replacement for Kyle Turley.

20. Dallas (from Buffalo)

Selected by: Roy Philpot

Media outlet: The Ranch Report (www.cowboys.scout.com)

The pick: Roddy White (WR-UAB)

Comment: With speed on defense addressed, the Cowboys take the blazing Blazer as a weapon for Drew Bledsoe.

21. Jacksonville

Selected by: Lane Adkins

Media outlet: The NFLexperts.com (www.nfldraft.scout.com)

The pick: Justin Miller (CB-Clemson)

Comment: The Jaguars have a need at cornerback.

22. Baltimore

Selected by: Dev Panchwagh

Media outlet: Ravens Insider (www.ravens.scout.com)

The pick: Khalif Barnes (OT-Washington)

Comment: With Samari Rolle and Derrick Mason in the fold, Panchwagh predicts the Ravens address the need for youth up front.

23. Seattle

Selected by: Scott Ecklund

Media outlet: Seahawks.NET (www.seahawks.scout.com)

The pick: David Pollack (DE-Georgia)

Comment: Ecklund has the Seahawks taking the productive, two-time consensus All-American.

24. Green Bay

Selected by: Todd Korth

Media outlet: Packer Report (www.packers.scout.com)

The pick: Erasmus James (DE-Wisconsin)

Comment: According to Korth, the Packers wouldn't hesitate in the least to take the Badgers' star, despite injury concerns.


25. Denver

Selected by: Andy Lyndahl

Media outlet: KOA Radio (Broncos flagship)

The pick: Brodney Poole (S-Oklahoma)

Comment: Lyndahl says the Broncos will trade out of this spot, which they eventually did yesterday afternoon.

26. N.Y. Jets

Selected by: Dan Leberfield

Media outlet: JetsConfidential.com (www.jets.scout.com)

The pick: Fabian Washington (CB-Nebraska)

Comment: Injury concerns with Heath Miller prompt the Jets to fill a need at cornerback.

27. Atlanta

Selected by: Dean Lege

Media outlet: Falcons Insider (www.falcons.scout.com)

The pick: Shaun Cody (DT-USC)

Comment: A weakness on the interior of the defensive line is why Lege thinks the Falcons make this pick.

28. San Diego

Selected by: Denis Savage

Media outlet: SD Bolt Report (www.chargers.scout.com)

The pick: Marcus Spears (DE-LSU)

Comments: Savage is surprised Spears is still on the board, and says the Chargers would be giddy, too, since they almost took him at #12.

29. Indianapolis

Selected by: Ed Thompson

Media outlet: ColtPower.com (www.colts.scout.com)

The pick: Channing Crowder (LB-Florida)

Comments: Thompson believes the Colts are looking for a run-stuffer for the middle of their defense.

30. Pittsburgh

Selected by: Jim Wexell

Media outlet: SteelCitySports.com (www.steelers.scout.com)

The pick: Reggie Brown (WR-Georgia)

Comments: The Steelers need to reach a bit for a potential replacement for Plaxico Burress.


31. Philadelphia

Selected by: Dave Spadaro

Media outlet: Philadelphia Eagles.com (www.philadelphiaeagles.com)

The pick: Matt   Jones (WR-Arkansas)

Comments: Spadaro says the Eagles will use all 13 of their picks to just select the best player available.

32. New England

Selected by: Andy Hart

Media outlet: Patriots Football Weekly

The pick: Odell Thurman (LB-Georgia)

Comments: With Teddy Bruschi's future up in the air, the Patriots pass on a defensive end here and take some insurance.






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