Mike Evanovich Post-Signing Q&A

CN: What were your thoughts on signing with Iowa State two weeks ago?

Mike Evanovich: I was very excited about it. I've been going through this process for about two years, and I think I've finally found the right fit. Hopefully everything will work out.

CN: Did you enjoy the recruiting process?

Evanovich: I liked it at first, seeing what schools were interested and the reasons for why they were interested. I liked getting used to the process. But when I got into it more and more, I kind of wanted to find the right place and get it over with. It feels really good to get it over with and have a place to go next year.

CN: How was Iowa State the best fit for the you?

Evanovich: Everything just felt right and comfortable when I came out on my visit. They said they needed a shooter from the beginning, and that is one of my strengths. Everything about the campus felt right and the school was good. Everything fell into place.

CN: What do you think about the offensive system at ISU?

Evanovich: I like it. They get a lot of open shots off of it and make some passes for other people to get open shots. It fits me well. I'll be able to go right in and contribute.

CN: Tell us about the expectations you have for your first season in a Cyclone uniform.

Evanovich: I expect it to take a lot of hard work just to earn my spot and playing time. I know I have a chance to play, so I just have to make an impression.

CN: Playing behind NBA Draft entry Andray Blatche, you probably didn't get as much respect from Division I programs. Does that give you more incentive to perform at ISU?

Evanovich: A lot of people thought that I wasn't able to perform at the prep school level, but I was playing behind someone that scored 30 points a game. It was hard for me to get all of the touches. We ran the offense through him. I do think I have a chance to prove people wrong who think that I'm not good enough to play at Iowa State.

CN: Were you able to learn some things from playing with a talent like Blatche?

Evanovich: Yes. The biggest thing for me coming into this school was that I had to learn how to play hard every night. Playing against people are that always good makes you learn that. I have to play hard to keep up. I had always gotten by in high school, but now I know how to play hard and make the most out of everything.

CN: Which position are you expected to play in Ames?

Evanovich: I think I will start as a four and be the trail man on the secondary fast break. But if the matchup comes where I am bigger and can take them down in the post, I'm completely comfortable with doing that. I want to be as versatile as possible.

CN: When are you set to arrive this summer?

Evanovich: I think it's around June 15th, and I'll be starting summer school. I'll be taking English and Math classes.

CN: The Cyclones have established a nice tradition with prep school players under head coach Wayne Morgan. What can you add to that?

Evanovich: I hope I can just continue it. A lot of good players have come out of this league, and it's one of the best in the country. Hopefully I can pick up where they're leaving off.

CN: How much better a player are you with the prep school experience?

Evanovich: It's everything. I'm a lot bigger, stronger, and more confident in my shot. I'll go inside and body people up, whereas I was a little afraid of contact in high school. I don't let people push me around. I'm a completely different player.

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