Hobbs Excited About Future Home

The day after the New England Patriots made him their third-round pick and 84th selection overall in the NFL Draft, former Iowa State All-Big 12 cornerback Ellis Hobbs spoke with CycloneNation.com about the experience. Here is a question-and-answer session.

CN: What are your thoughts and feelings one day after you were picked by the New England Patriots in the third round of the NFL Draft?

Ellis Hobbs: It's a feeling of calmness, really. The excitement and everything building up to it. It's the security of knowing that for a little bit that you have a job. It's not going to last if you don't go out there and produce, but it's great to know that the hard work paid off in the end. My team helped put me out there and I'm very thankful and blessed.

CN: You're going into a great situation out there, joining the two-time defending Super Bowl champions and a team that was badly in need of cornerbacks at the end of last season. What do you think?

Hobbs: Yeah, it's funny how it all worked out. I didn't think I was going to be there that long. You hear all these draft projections and things like that. Behind the scenes, you have a good feeling of what's happening and who likes you.

The guys from the New York Jets called me in round two and right as they were about to make their pick they told me they were going to pick me up. They put me on hold and were going to get the coach. But I looked up across the board and another guy's name came across. They got back on the phone and let me know that they went another direction, but to sit tight and they were trying to get another pick. It ended up being their loss.

It couldn't have worked out better for me, because I'm going to a team where I don't have to worry about team cohesiveness, players bickering, or them having a position for me. All of those things are there. They have a great coach and great system.

They're the Super Bowl champs and that's all good, but as far as I'm concerned I don't have any Super Bowl ring. I'm worried about doing what I can to help this team win another one. I'm looking toward the future now.

CN: Did you have any communication with the Patriots before they chose you?

Hobbs: Yeah, they had called me during spring break and let me know that they were going to send a guy down to talk to me. He wanted to work me out. He came down there and we talked about film on the board for about two hours. Then we went on the field and did a lot of field position drills. He told me that you never know how this stuff works out and the draft is real crazy.

But other than that, those guys weren't really blowing up my phone and I didn't take a visit to them. But I got a call from them right before they had their pick. They said, ‘Hold on we're going to put you on the phone with Bill Belicheck.' It almost seemed surreal, but it did happen and I'm happy for it.

CN: What did Coach Belicheck share with you during the conversation?

Hobbs: He was just glad of the pick he made and asked me questions to see where I was, as far as being proud of the selection and if I was happy. He told me that I fit into their program and believes I can make a great impact. I was very excited also and wanted to get to work. All of the waiting and combines are over with now, and it's time to play football again.

CN: What's on tap over the next week for you? Will you be headed to Foxboro for any meetings or camps soon?

Hobbs: As of right now, I'm just relaxing with my family. Those guys haven't given me the specific itinerary yet, but they're going to call me back and get all my information. I've got to go back to school, get all my things, and start packing up for a new home. But right now I'm just relaxing. I believe camp starts next week and there is a three-day mini camp. But I'm not expecting to go in anytime early. Whenever those guys are ready to accept me, I'm there.

CN: What kind of fit do the Patriot coaches think you are for their system?

Hobbs: They like my willingness to do everything and beyond. I'm a defensive back and that's what they really need. They expect no dropoff and nothing to slip. They want me to go in there and produce and help those guys win. They think I fit in real nicely, because I'm team oriented and a guy that's really low key but a great player. I love to be around guys that just want to work. I believe those guys made the right choice and I'm going to prove that to them.

CN: It's been quite a run for you at Iowa State, and now it continues on to New England and the NFL. Reflect on what the last four and a half years have been like for you?

Hobbs: It's a great thing for me, but more importantly for the future of Iowa State. Guys that are looking forward to coming here and guys that may have not recognized Iowa State. As for me, as far as never playing defensive back until I got to Iowa State and crossing over, I take pride in it.

A lot of people count you out that don't even know you or have no clue what you can do. Those are the types of people that light a fire under you. I'm not going to let anyone tell me what I can and can't do. It's a matter of want to. Anything you want to do just put your mind to it and it comes around full circle.

I stuck with it and kept fighting. I couldn't have done it without my team. For me to be in the position I'm in and not say that my team didn't help me, it wouldn't be just to my team. It put me more and more on the map. I'm not into all of the hype and that stuff, I just go out there to play. This is great for me individually, but it's even better for the state of Iowa and Iowa State University.

CN: Have you been to that area of the country before?

Hobbs: No, I haven't. I've been fortunate enough to see – in my 21 years of living – many things and a lot of sites. Hawaii, Florida, and a lot of exotic places that a lot of people don't see in a lifetime. It's a new part of my life and I'm looking forward to it. It gets colder, but I've been around that for four years now in Iowa. I expect no different. I have a job now and my job is to play football and perform.

CN: Any other thoughts on the draft pick before we let you go?

Hobbs: It's not where you start it's where you finish. A lot of guys get caught up in their draft picks and first round, second round, or third round. Everybody wants to go on the first day. The money is there and payoff is sweet in the beginning. But it doesn't last for long. As quickly as they pick me they can cut me.

You see so many times guys going in the later rounds end up being the MVPs of the team and your pro bowlers. It's because those guys had a hungry attitude the whole team. You might have a first rounder that was a bust because he got lazy and didn't want to do his job anymore. The day you lose that hungry attitude is the day your spot's going to get taken. I've got to have that mentality every time I go out there.

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