ScoutTV - Jarred Fayson (QB)

<B>Jarred Fayson</B> is a quarterback prospect from Tampa (Fla.) Hillsborough High School. He has great size, speed and quickness and is very athletic signal caller.

Jarred Fayson finished his junior season with 900 yards passing with 11 touchdowns and threw only three interceptions. He added 800 yards and 24 touchdowns on the ground and made second team all-state.

Fayson, 6-1 and 195 pounds, has terrific athletic ability. That is his strongest attribute. He is at his best when things break down in the pocket and he has to make a play, usually with his legs. Fayson is extremely quick and tough in a confined area because of his outstanding speed and quickness. On the run he is deadly, especially in space. He also shows an accurate arm and throws a nice deep ball.

Because Fayson is such an athletic player he will likely be recruited as an "athlete". However, I believe he is a quarterback first and wide receiver second.

Check out Fayson's two highlight packages by clicking on the link below.

Video 1
Video 2

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