ISU Beats Top Schools for Davis

After committing to Texas early in the recruiting process then having second thoughts, Canadian big man Theo Davis will be going to another Big 12 program. The 6-foot-10, 215-pounder chose Iowa State over a number of top Division I programs Friday night.

According to Theo Davis' AAU coach Ro Russell, the Cyclones won out over last year's NCAA championship game finalists North Carolina and Illinois, along with Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia Tech. Davis came to his decision nearly a week after returning from an official visit to Ames.

"He liked the facilities and dorms," said Russell. "He liked the players when he met them. He really liked Coach Morgan, who is his type of coach. He is more of a nurturing type of coach and mentor, someone Theo can sit down with and speak about his issues or get advice from. He feels comfortable with and respects Coach Morgan."

In addition to Morgan closing the deal this week, ISU relied on a few connections within its coaching staff to appeal to Jones.

"I had known Darryl Sharp from before, as well as Damon Archibald," Russell said. "He had a great visit to Iowa State and really liked it a lot, felt at home, and liked all the coaches. After careful consideration in regards to the North Carolina, which was really intriguing, he decided he wanted to be a Cyclone."

The Tar Heels have lost a number of players to the NBA Draft and apparently made a late run at Davis. But the Cyclones closed even better. Russell had told early in the week that his star pupil would be choosing between Arkansas, Tennessee, and Illinois.

In addition to finding the perfect fit, Davis wanted the chance at early playing time. He will most certainly get that with Morgan's team. ISU is losing starting big men Jared Homan and Damion Staple from an area it already had lacked depth in.

"After he decided he wasn't going to Texas, he wanted to look for a program where he could feel comfortable," Russell said. "He liked the conference and wanted to play as a freshman, because he feels he's an impact guy. He wanted to identify with a coach and have a good career.

"Plus, Theo is an up and down guy. He's athletic, mobile, and likes the up-tempo game. He likes the fact they push the ball, trap, and get after it. He likes to run, jump, and finish. He's a good fit there."

The addition of Davis, the seventh-ranked player at his position and arguably the best player in Canada, puts the finishing touches on a valuable recruiting class for Morgan. Davis and fellow freshman Shawn Taggart will be the favorites to replace Homan and Staple.

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