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Just in case you missed anything over the last seven days, we begin our weekly summaries of ISU football recruiting news from around the network.

Guy Miller

It is still early in identifying some of the top prospects in the state of Kansas, but one name you can add to the list is Scott City offensive lineman Guy Miller, who saw both Kansas and Iowa State stop by his high school this month.

"Kansas actually called him on the phone last night, said his father, Jim Miller. "They told him they were interested in him at either guard or center as they liked what they saw on film. Before they offer a scholarship, though, they want to see him at camp to learn more of what type of person he is, and Coach Mangino wants the opportunity to meet him."

"I went to high school in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and had my old high school take the film by the Iowa Hawkeye coaches. They said they'd be very interested, but they are not recruiting many linemen this year. Iowa State, Kansas State, and Missouri were all watching him closely at the Nike Camp."

Besides attending the Kansas lineman camp this summer, Guy is also looking at some other camps.

"He will be at the Fort Hays team camp at the same time of the Kansas State camp so he won't be able to attend that one. Otherwise, we are looking at dates for camps at Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado, Colorado State, Oklahoma State, and Wyoming to see what may work out. He wants to only attend one day per camp that he attends," stated the elder Miller.

Brandon Antwine

Antwine currently holds offers from Kansas, Kansas State, Arizona, Arizona State, Tulane, UTEP, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Indiana and Boston College while receiving heavy interest from Florida, Auburn and USC. Even though he has no offer from the Trojans, they are his current number one school. He does plan a camp in California with the defending national champions along with a camp in Gainesville, FL. He cites his strengths as being aggressive, quick off the ball, a smart player and dedicated to the game.

While USC seems to be the school getting all the love from Brandon at this point, two Big XII schools are reportedly the ones doing the damage in recruiting circles. "That would have to be Texas Tech and Iowa State. They can't call so they send me a message or let me know they're thinking about me. They send me some mail that the head coach has written letting me know more about their school so I can be more informed," he said.

With an offer in his pocket from Nebraska, Cornhusker fans no doubt are wondering what their chances are with the big man from Garland.

"I think Nebraska has a very good program, they're a real well balanced team and they can put up a fight. They probably come in at about the number six spot," said Antwine. He did mention that there hasn't been a lot of correspondence between he and Nebraska as of late. "They send me my scholarship papers but they really haven't sent me anything after that," he said.

Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson, a 6-foot-4, 295-pound class of 2006 offensive line prospect, has received interest during the spring evaluation period from several Division I programs, according to Jesse Miller, Anderson's coach at Franklin (Wis.) High School.

Miller said that among the schools that have stopped by Franklin this spring, Northwestern, Northern Illinois, Arkansas and Iowa State have expressed interest in Anderson, who has not yet received any scholarship offers. He added that Duke and Wake Forest have also shown interest in Anderson, though those schools had not made the trip to Franklin this spring.

Anderson will be a three-year starter in the fall.

Jayme Murphy

One of the top prospects in the state of Iowa, Jayme Murphy has seen his track season come to an end now prepared to concentrate once again on football.

After turning in a best of 10.8 in the 100 yard meter dash this spring, Murphy knows the improvement in speed will be needed as schools look to recruit him as a defensive back.

"Iowa told me they really want me to work on turning my hips, and just my footwork," said Murphy. "I've played linebacker so defensive back is a new area for me, but that is where they will work me out at camp. Iowa State is recruiting me as a safety, and they told me that they offer a lot of kids at camp so I'll have a pretty good shot of earning one."

Murphy also plans to camp at Wisconsin this summer, and saw a few other schools make their way by Dubuque Senior this month.

"Stanford stopped by the high school, and told me they are waiting on my ACT score before they can make an offer," added Murphy, who will take the ACT for the first time on June 11th. "Kansas and Kansas State both stopped by the school as did Northern Illinois, who along with UNI, is actually recruiting me to play tailback."

Ryan Hill

Ryan Hill is one of the fastest rising prospects in the Sunshine State and his offer total has now jumped from 3 in the middle of April, to 10 at the present time. Who are the latest teams to extend a scholarship pledge?

"Florida offered me last Thursday. Iowa, Iowa State, Rutgers, Nebraska, USF and UCF all offered recently as well. We've got coaches coming by the school everyday and it's hard to keep up with who's coming in and out. I think Georgia is going to make that offer list tomorrow (Friday) as well," Ryan Hill said.

What does Ryan's list look like now?

"My favorite school is going to be out of the ACC or SEC. It's hard to say right now. My top 5 would probably be Florida, Miami, Clemson, Georgia and Auburn."

Ben Lamaak

One of the top prospects in the state of Iowa in 2005, Ben Lamaak saw a few suitors make their way by Kennedy High School this month.

"Coach (Kirk) Ferentz and Coach (Reese) Morgan from Iowa, in addition, to Coach (Dan) McCarney and Coach (Terry) Allen from Iowa State were here the first week," said head coach Tim Lewis. "Del Miller from Kansas State was here two days ago, and Coach (Brandon) Blaney from Kansas and Coach Bower from Northern Illinois stopped in yesterday. Basically all of the schools want him to come to one day of their camp to work him out in person."

Lamaak, who at nearly 6'5 and over 240 pounds, has a frame to get much larger, and judging off his babyface may even still grow a few inches. There is plenty of upside with his game, but there are a few things coaches would like to see more out of him right now.

"I think the question mark behind his speed and aggressiveness is holding most coaches back. If he can prove them wrong when attending camp then I fully expect the interest to pick up, but even with that, I believe schools will likely wait to see how he progresses this upcoming season before making a decision on whether to offer or not," stated Lewis.

Donnell Williams

Houston Madison Donnell Williams, a 6-1.5, 215-pound linebacker prospect, is said to be collecting quite a few offers. We have an offer list that was sent to us showing these nine schools have jumped into the fray: Arizona, Iowa, Iowa State, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, UTEP.

Keep an eye on this Greater Houston Area LB.

Austen Arnaud

Iowa quarterback Austen Arnaud (6-3, 205, 4.8) has received recent attention from both Nebraska and Kansas State this past week as coaches from both programs have visited this top prospect from Ames High School. Arnaud also nailed a third offer from Houston.

"Coaches from both Nebraska and Kansas State have visited my school this past week. From what I heard, Kansas State is close to offering me, but I don't know about Nebraska," said Arnaud.

"My top five right now is Iowa State (first to offer), Iowa (offer), Kansas State, Nebraska and Houston. Iowa State and Iowa still have a slight lead on the other schools out there in my top five," he said.

"I liked how Iowa State was the first program to call me up when coaches were allowed to start calling recruits. I got to talk with coach (Todd) Fitch (quarterbacks) for about 10-15 minutes, and I was really impressed with them being the first to call me. That just went to show how hard they are trying to recruit me.

"I like how Iowa is a winning program and how they've got a great coaching staff there. They're all some great guys. One of their coaches was at my school a few weeks ago. I also like them because they're an in-state school. Coach (Reese) Morgan (offensive line) has been down to visit like three or four times--once during the fall, once during the winter and he also came out for one of my track practices.

"The coaches at Iowa are some real top of the line guys and I really like that about them," said Arnaud. "I've already been there about four or five times for their JR Day, a game they played against Ohio State last season, and for one of their basketball games. I really like what I've seen there on those trips and I also really like the environment of the campus and of the surrounding area.

"The city there just feels big even, though it's really not. I've also known a lot of people that have gone on to college there from Ames, so it would be nice to go someplace and know some people. None of the people that I know that have gone there have ever been teammates of mine.

"The schools that I like right now have shown a lot of interest in me, so I'm going to show my interest in them," he said.

Arnaud has been to JR Days at both Iowa and Iowa State. This summer he said that he has plans to unofficially visit Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State and Nebraska. "I really would like to also get out to Houston, but that would be a long journey for me," he said.

2.6 GPA/June 11 first-time ACT






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