Two Linebackers Checking out ISU

One of ISU's concerns this season is depth at linebacker, so it's a recruiting priority for the class of 2006. Two linebackers, one from Nebraska and one from Wisconsin, spoke to about their experience at the annual padded camp.

Two talented linebackers – Paul Homer and Jason Jankowski – were in Ames for Tuesday's edition of Iowa State's padded camp.

Homer stands 6-foot-1 and weighs in at 222 pounds. He had 180 tackles, 117 of which were unassisted, his junior season while playing for Millard North High School in Omaha, Neb.

Jankowski also plays defensive end and runs a 4.6/40-yard dash. The 6-foot-4, 229 pounder from Arrowhead High School in Hartland, Wisc. already has ties to Iowa State.

CN: What camps have you been to so far?

Homer: I was at Iowa and Kansas State.

Jankowski: I haven't been to any others, but I'm heading to Wisconsin and Michigan.

CN: What schools have been showing you the most interest?

Homer: Iowa, Kansas State, Iowa State, Nebraska and Colorado State.

Jankowski: Wisconsin, Michigan, Tennessee, Auburn and Iowa State.

CN: What have your first impressions been of Iowa State's camp?

Homer: I liked it. I liked the drills and I like the coaching staff. I like how they work things and how it's organized.

Jankowski: I think it's great, it's a nice school. Nice coaches and good facilities.

CN: Do you feel like you've improved your stock?

Homer: Yeah. Anytime you come to these camps and get to meet the coaches and they can see you play and do the drills they want you to do [it helps]. They can see you work, so that definitely improves your stock.

CN: Does Iowa State's mid-season turn-around and bowl victory influence your decision at all?

Homer: Not really, it's the future I'm looking at. I'm looking at what's it going to be like when I get there.

CN: So does the thought of playing with Bret Meyer and Todd Blythe excite you?

Homer: Yeah, that'd be cool

Jankowski: Kind of, but also my friend Jason Fiacco will be playing football here next year and that's an influence too.

CN: You went to high school together?

Jankowski: Yes, he's the one who got me to come down here.

CN: What has he told you about Iowa State's program?

Jankowski: It's a good program and it's up and coming.

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