Commitment #2!

The talent rich state of Texas has long been a recruiting must for the Cyclones, and it didn't take them very long to use their padded camp to add their first Lone Star stud for the football recruiting class of 2006.

Texas is known for producing top football talent. Iowa State fans know that with the likes of Ellis Hobbs, Brent Curvey, Brandon Brown, Austin Flynn and Jason Berryman all hailing from the Lone Star State.

The Cyclones hope their second commitment from the Class of 2006 – Austin Alburtis from Tyler Street High School in Dallas, Texas – will be added to that list of names.

"After camp I had left the campus for five minutes and I came back and committed to Coach Mac and Coach Alford," Alburtis said. "They were about as happy as I was. I was really pumped up. I've been working so hard to get a scholarship and it finally paid off."

At 6-foot-3, 225 pounds, Alburtis played quarterback, linebacker and punter for Tyler Street. At Iowa State's padded camp he made the transition to defensive end. A position he believes he'll play as a Cyclone.

"I feel pretty good [about the move]," Alburtis said. "Coach Nelson was teaching me a lot and I caught on real quick. It was pretty easy."

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