Remembering the Cyclones

The Golden Legacy Dinner at Hilton Coliseum on Friday night was a big hit to Iowa State wrestling fans, past and present. Five Gold Medal winners were in the room, and our wrestling correspondent recaps his thoughts on the once in a lifetime evening.

The Golden Legacy Dinner was a night to honor some of the past Cyclones who went on to win Gold medals at the Olympics. Those medal winning performances span almost 60 years, and I think it really shows the Iowa State program has been something to be proud of, and I believe that "Legacy" will continue in the future as well.


It was truly an incredible evening. What I found interesting was that while they have a Gold medal and they wrestled for ISU in common. These 5 individuals took a different path to their successes.


I had an opportunity to speak with former Cyclone wrestler and Coach Jim Gibbons, and I think he summed up


"I think when you talk about Iowa State, this event kind of typifies it when you look at the tradition, 5 Olympic Champions getting back quite a ways to Mr. Brand, and when you step on campus here you know there's an elite successful fraternity of men that have succeeded in their sport for quite some time. I'm 46 years old and the tradition is older than me, older than I've been alive. No 1 single person has ownership of it, and it's just like anything else, great traditions are kept alive by individuals who put forth maximum effort for their programs"


As I sat listening to each honoree talk about their time at ISU and the years after, I began to think back about memories I have had while watching Iowa State Wrestling over the years. We each remember things for different reasons. It also got me wondering what memories stick out for other Cyclone fans. I decided to ask some of the people I have got to know through watching ISU Wrestling and some former wrestlers the following question..


What have been some of your favorite memories involving Cyclone Wrestling?


It's time to take the Cyclone Wrestling quiz. How many of these do you remember?


·        1987 National Team Title

·        a full Hilton for meets

·        Billy Kelly pinning Penrith

·        Bono vs Mclravey

·        Cael Sanderson winning 4 Titles and going undefeated

·        Chris Taylor

·        Dan Gable's dominance

·        Frank Santana injury defaulting

·        Harold Nichols

·        Nakamura's pin over Magnini

·        Larry Hayes

·        Les Anderson, wrestler and coach

·        meets at The Armory

·        Nick Passolano's pin over Cole Pape to end the streak vs Iowa

·        ordering pizza on the steps at Hilton waiting for the doors to open

·        Osenbaugh pinning Banach

·        The quickness of Nate Carr

·        Watching Joe Heskett for 4 years

·        Zach Roberson winning his National Title


So how'd you do? Check below to rate your ISU Wrestling knowledge.


# Remembered Rating

16-19                             You have been a fan for a long time

11-15                             Not bad, you just aren't old enough

6-10                                 You have had some good times

1-5                                     You are new to ISU Wrestling

0                      You need to join the Cyclone Wrestling Club                         

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