Why it's better to be a Cyclone, Part II

These are unedited. These are published just as they were submitted. These represent your first chance to take a look at the writing prowess of the eight folks vying to be the next Reporter for CycloneNation.com and CN The Magazine. These are their top 10 reasons it's better to be a Cyclone than a Hawkeye.

Valerie Connell


Cy can be menacing and friendly simultaneously.  Herky looks somewhat like a kid in his big brother's uniform who's inexplicably wearing a parrot head.  Advantage: Cy.  Furthermore, our cardinal and gold colors are unique and readily identifiable, especially for anyone who's ever been to the...


Only three hours to Hilton South!  The Big XIIs strengthen the Cyclone bond; a simple nod to a stranger in Iowa State gear makes an instant family.  Perhaps it's because we share a sense of...


The never-say-die attitude is etched into the psyche of every Cyclone.  The Hawkeyes' "they lost/we won" mentality isn't welcome here.  The Cyclone knows that our defeats are softened and our victories sweetened because we're in this together, in part because we're...


We relish this distinction – the unexpected win is always the best!  We don't mind when others say we can't and we won't, because we could, we did, and we will again.  However, a glaring exception to the underdog rule is...


This Cyclone is one for the ages.  Cael's four NCAA championships and 159-0 record may never be duplicated, and not many programs can boast an Olympic gold medalist returning as a coach.  And speaking of...



The level of Cyclone talent in the Olympic sports is incredible.  All-Americans abound in all sports, ranging from soccer to gymnastics.  There's something for everyone here at ISU, which is proven not only by our many sports, but also by...


VEISHEA 2006 promises to be the VEISHEA of old – a student-run showcase of our university, the largest of its kind in the country.  Who can resist cherry pies and the Lawn Chair Brigade?  A favorite part of the celebration will always be...


These people fan the flames of Cyclone frenzy.  They are talented musicians who are some of the most fiercely competitive and loyal Cyclone fans on the planet.  Also, they're one of the best aspects of...


Few schools can match the Cyclone enthusiasm, which helped men's basketball to a 39-game home win streak and the explosion of women's basketball in recent years.  Cyclone Alley has only added to the excitement – while the Hawk's Nest can be drowned out by Illini fans.  Such a thing is not tolerated at Hilton, because Magic is part of...


Today's Iowa Staters have lucked into perfect timing.  With bowl appearances and NCAA tournament bids becoming more frequent – indeed, expected – we are in the midst of creating a strong and proud heritage of our own.  Every game, every meet, every season is another opportunity for us to make history.  Each time we cheer, we look forward to cheering more tomorrow, and every time we finish another fantastic year, we anticipate even better things to come.  It truly is a great time to be a Cyclone.


Mark Hersom

10) Cyclone fans can remember every year that they lived. (ps. Hawkeye an, there WAS a 98',99', 2000, 01' & 02.)


9) ISU basketball fan knows that winning a 16 game conference league title is ACTUALLY winning a conference league title, not a four day miracle. (ps, we won a tournament as well-the same year ISU won a regular conference title.)


8) Cyclone fans actually admit to cheering for whoever plays the Hawkeyes.


7) If there were no Cyclone fans, Iowa would be a communist State.


6) Without cyclone fans, who would Hawkeye Nation turn to for therapy in their self-esteem sessions?....Panther fan?


5) Engineering & Agriculture students do not worry about how much to charge a client per minute for going to the bathroom while at the library doing research.


4) Cyclone fans are realists by under estimating how good their teams will be rather than inflate their egos saying, "In three years with this new basketball coach, we will win the National Championship and consistently be in the Final 4's. (seems to be more NIT bids than NCAA)


3) ISU fans actually admit when their team sucks than make excuses.


2) Hawkeye fans won't eat at Burger King because they think Sam Mack may be the manager and will ask them to "Show him the money."


and the number one reason to be a Cyclone fan rather than a Hawkeye fan…


1) Hawkeye fans care more about their fight song than pronouncing their coaches' names correctly.


Corey Johnson

10. Best Fight Song Ever. A hot tempo with lyrics that could make a Garfunkel think twice. Seriously, many of us take our beloved anthem for granted. Learn the lyrics, because you never know when you'll need ‘em. Trust me.


9. Cyclones Make Better Lovers. It's true. Ask my girlfriend. Better yet, ask your girlfriend. Oh. Just seein' if you're readin'. Anyway, moving on…


8. Hot For Mascot. Can there be a sexier, more androgynous mascot than Cy? Herky parades around in an oversized head, yet Cy is sleek and svelte, moving with the grace of a gazelle – not at all like the unpredictable force of nature he/she/it's named after.


7. The Pep Band. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the ISU Pep Band has made a name for itself over the last few years. At basketball games, they might be the most terrifying trash talker out there. Quick, witty, and always ready to rile the opposing team, they're a true Cyclone-national treasure.


6. The Postseason Trifecta. ISU was one of only eight universities (ohhhhh, not quite, Iowa!) to share postseason success across its three major programs, winning a bowl game and appearing in the men's and women's NCAA Tournament.


5. Cyclones Are More Forgiving. Witness the love that still follows a guy like Larry Eustachy. Great coach, still just a man. And he made some mistakes. We don't build an effigy out of someone when we know we're all fallible. We save that kindling for the Hawkeyes.


4. The Greatest of All-Time. The ISU faithful can hang their hat on one accomplishment in which there can be no argument – at 159-0, Cael Sanderson is the greatest collegiate wrestler ever. It's never been done before, it may never be done again – but if it is, let's hope he's in Cardinal and Gold.


3. More…With Less. Let's face it – ISU has always had to play "keep up." We don't have the same money, resources, or exposure as Iowa. We're the little brother who sometimes has to work with the hand-me-downs and the smaller helping at the table. And as a big brother who tortured his own in-state rival, I can admire that.


2. Cyclones Are Better Sports. It's because we have to be. We went a lot of years with some mediocre programs. We've learned to cherish our current successes


1) Cyclones HAVE Better Sports. Point to whatever record you want, Cyclones just plain have more fun. Proof? Seneca Wallace's estimated 135-yard scramble which went for 12 (and for six)…Jamaal Tinsley's yo-yo dribble in the 2000 Big 12 tourney…Orr's intro…Stinson's teardrop… Wanna have more fun? Keep watching.


Seth Nailor

10)  Women's gymnastics doesn't quite have the fan base of football or basketball, but when you have four individual national finalists and national coach of the year I don't care if it's co-ed cricket, you brag about it.


9)  ISU does not play in the Big10, er 11.  Albeit clever, it should not be a requirement to find a way to fit the number eleven into the logo of a conference called the Big 10.. 


8)  Iowa State was one of only eight schools to have a men's and women's basketball team in the NCAA tournament as well as a bowl Championship team.  Herky can't say that.


7)  Bill Fennelly has coached six 20 win teams in the last 10 years putting ISU on the map nationally.  Iowa State has him locked up through 2011 meaning women's hoops are in good hands.


6)  Steve Alford doesn't recruit like Wayne Morgan does.  Morgan has been making waves in the recruiting world and bringing in top prep school talent from the east coast, including the signing of a scout.com four star prospect like Sawn Taggart to fill the void left by Jared Homan.


5)  With an impending trial on tap for a certain former Hawkeye basketball player the clouds may be rolling in over Iowa City.  At least when Iowa State's high profile athletes get into trouble they own up and serve their time.


4)  Brett Meyer and Todd Blythe.  These two red-shirt sophomores are poised to take ISU football to new heights.  Not to mention they both hail from within the state.


3)  Cael Sanderson.  The man went 159-0 at Iowa State before he graduated in 2002 and won a gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics.  His presence is also still paying dividends to his alma mater by helping to lure his younger brother Cyler Sanderson to the Cyclone mats as a member of the intermat.com #1 ranked 2005 recruiting class.


2)  You would be crazy to take shots at Kirk Ferentz, and you won't find one here.  But Dan McCarney gives Iowa State fans something to be proud of.  He runs his program with integrity and has made Cyclone football matter in a power conference like the Big XII.  Plus he owns a 4-2 record against Captain Kirk.


1)  Hilton Magic.  Let's face it, the place is magical.  With over 14,000 screaming fans cheering on their Cyclones it sure beats the heck out of going to a game in Carver Hawkeye where your voice carries better than most of Doug Thomas's free-throws.


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