Mike Evanovich Update

Perhaps no incoming freshman to the Iowa State men's basketball program is more mysterious than Mike Evanovich, a prep-school sharp-shooter from Connecticut. He's playing right now in the Des Moines summer league, and Cyclone Nation had a chance to catch up with him.

Seven weeks ago Mike Evanovich arrived in Ames, but the power forward isn't a stranger to the college atmosphere – he grew up in Storrs, Conn. the home of the Connecticut Huskies.


Evanovich spends his Sunday and Wednesday nights competing in the YMCA Capitol City League in Des Moines, while the remainder of his week is spent taking classes at Iowa State.


"[Classes aren't] too hard," he said. "I'm just getting used to everything and becoming familiar with the area. I like it, it's a good area."


Prior the fifth game of the Capitol City league, Evanovich said he wasn't content with his performance.


"The first three games I did pretty well," he said. "The last game my ankle was hurting so I didn't play to well, but so far I've done alright, I'm not that happy with it."


After four Capitol City games, the 6-foot-8, 215 pound Evanovich was second in the league in total 3-point shots with 12.


"Shooting is the best part of my game and that's why I'm here," Evanovich said.


Evanovich's brother Justin was a walk-on guard for UCONN and a member of the Huskies 2003-04 NCAA Championship squad. Justin is currently a graduate assistant at UCONN.


"I could have gone there and walked on the same way he did, but I'd rather go somewhere and play," Evanovich said. "[My brother] had a real good experience. It was a lot of fun for him."


After finishing summer classes in mid-July, Evanovich said he will return home to hone his skills over the summer.


"I'll be getting in shape and getting stronger," he said. "I'll be working out with the UCONN team and my brother a lot."


As for his current stay in Ames, Evanovich said he's felt right at home.


"Everybody has made sure I had everything I needed and I needed any help getting anywhere they were always there," he said.

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