Homan Crowned a King

Jared Homan was an NBA long-shot when he arrived at Iowa State as a lightly-regarded instate recruit four years ago. But after seeing the two-round NBA draft conclude without calling his name on Tuesday night, it didn't take long for him to find a home as a free agent.

Jared Homan's NBA dream didn't end on Tuesday night when his name wasn't called at the league's annual draft – the former Cyclone will be suiting up for two professional teams next month.

Homan's NBA odyssey will begin with the Sacramento Kings, where he'll play in the Las Vegas summer league from July 6-15. From then he'll go to Los Angeles and play for the Miami Heat in their summer league which concludes July 20.

Homan was planning on watching the draft with his family in Remsen, but last minute changes put him in the company of a former Cyclone family member who currently plays for the New Orleans Hornets.

"The flights were really expensive and he had stopped to see Jackson [Vroman in Phoenix] so he just stayed there instead of flying back," said Homan's mother RaNae.

Homan's agent, Mike Harrison from Immortal Entertainment in Santa Monica, Calif., prepared the family that there was a chance Homan would not be drafted.

"We knew it was a possibility…with all the contract changes coming next year," RaNae said. "The fact that there wouldn't be all the high school players and the young international players…[We knew] more of them would be drafted because next year they wouldn't."

At a certain point, Harrison said they were hoping Homan wouldn't get drafted, because as a free agent he'd have more opportunities.

"In a round about way when we got to the late second round we almost didn't want him to get picked so that we could actually pick the teams," Harrison said. "We got to pick from four or five teams that really wanted him baldy for summer league."

Added RaNae: "In the long run this might workout the best for him. He can go to a team looking for what he has to offer."

Harrison and Homan were able to look at all of the teams rosters and guaranteed contracts and with Homan participating in the two summer leagues all of the NBA teams will get a better chance to assess his skills.

"[We got to] kind of pick and choose where he'll be and we feel pretty good," Harrison said.

Endless possibilities are one thing that's got Homan excited according to his mom.

"There's other teams that were interested but some of them have a full roster for summer so they didn't look as good," RaNae said. "There are more teams calling that are interested in having him on their summer league teams. So he's going to keep his options open. Even if he does play with [the Kings and the Heat] there are other teams out there who might offer him a contract down the road."

Although it would be nice to reunite the two former Cyclones, RaNae said there's a low chance Homan and Vroman will be teammates next season. The two will meet on the court in Las Vegas in one of the first games of the summer league.

"You never know," RaNae said. "I suppose there's always a possibility, but I don't know about this year. [Jared] hasn't worked out for [New Orleans], but you never know what can happen."

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